My Deserted Island Feature

My Deserted Island Feature by Anna Bell

Today deciding which fictional characters to take along with her to a deserted island is Anna.

20130915-065950 AM.jpg

First up is Noah from the Notebook (Nicholas Sparks). Yes, coincidentally in my head he does look like Ryan Gosling who was perfectly cast in the movie. And yes, coincidentally he might satisfy my womanly needs. But the real reason I’m picking him is for his manly skills in that he did build Allie a house, and therefore he’s extremely practical and would build us an island paradise retreat, obviously.

20130915-070300 AM.jpg

Then, as we’d have to eat and I’d be totally squeamish in picking my prey, would be Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins). She has all the survival skills we’d ever need. Plus, not only does she love going off foraging, but she wouldn’t get under mine and Noah’s feet as she likes her own space.

20130915-070403 AM.jpg

Then what would we do with all the food from Katniss? Well, I thought Natalie Butterworth from Yours Truly (Kirsty Greenwood) could be there as she’s an amazing cook. Plus she’s funny and nice and she isn’t your average ditzy chick lit heroine that would annoy you being on a desert island. I’d also bring along Riley from the book too, for multiple reasons, he’s nice to look at, he plays guitar and Natalie is so loved up with him that she therefore wouldn’t notice she’s on a desert island with Noah.

20130915-070445 AM.jpg

So last place has to go to someone from Harry Potter. Well we need some wizardry for any magical problem, and to solve basically all the rest of our problems. Realistically Hermione Granger would be the best bet for this, but could you imagine how whiney she’d be with only five of you on an island? She might know her spells but she’d drive me potty. As would Harry, he has far too much angst. And Ron, bless him, magic isn’t his strong suit, even if he would make us giggle. Which is why I’d be picking Neville Longbottom, the unsung hero of the books. I’m sure he’s very handy with his wand, and coincidentally did you see what he grew up into….

20130915-070612 AM.jpg

Thank you so much Anna for taking part. I must warn you Noah may not be able to make it as I forced him into marriage on my island.

Tomorrow facing the same fate as Anna is Liz Wilkins.


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