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My Deserted Island Feature by Jennifer Joyce

Today I have left Jennifer on an island all alone. Oh ok, that’s just mean, so I will allow her 5 fictional characters to help her survive.

20130914-082503 AM.jpg

So I’ve been dumped on a desert island (thanks, Victoria) and I’m allowed to choose five fictional characters to be stranded with. I’ve decided to be practical with my selections, to make surviving the island and finding our way home more likely.
Braden from On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

I wasn’t particularly fond of Braden while reading the book but there is no denying the guy is strong and aggressive so he’ll come in handy should the group need protecting from hostile natives. And he could always punch down trees for firewood.
Helen from The Mystery of Mercy Close by Marian Keyes

I had to have one of the Walsh sisters with me and I chose Helen because as well as being highly entertaining (which would be a major plus, being stuck on an island with no internet or anything), she also has her detective skills to help us find our way home.
Ursula from Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

If you’ve never read Life After Life, you should. It’s amazing. But that isn’t why I chose Ursula. In the book, when Ursula dies, her life starts again so she can make different choices and not end up, well, dead. So if we don’t survive the island, Ursula’s life will start over and we can make a different choice, i.e not eating that dodgy-looking-and-probably-poisonous-fruit.
Bridget from Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding

My first reason for choosing Bridget was for her diary-keeping. She could keep notes and, should we not make it and the Ursula Plan doesn’t work out, there will be a record of our time and what became of us.

The second reason was Mark Darcy. He’s bound to come to and rescue Bridget and, while he’s there, he can take the rest of us home too.
Leo from The Longest Holiday by Paige Toon

This is where my practical nature ends. I chose Leo purely for his yumminess. I figured I deserved a treat after being stranded on an island. But actually, having had a proper nosy around the place, it isn’t so bad. It’s nice and warm and there is a gorgeous beach. Do I have to come home?

20130914-082548 AM.jpg

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Thank you so much for taking part Jennifer, I wouldn’t mind being on an island with Braden either!

Tomorrow taking part is Anna Bell.


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