My Deserted Island Feature

My Deserted island Feature by Megan Wood

Today is the turn of Megan to be stranded and alone but as always I will be kind enough to allow her the help of 5 fictional characters.

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So Victoria came up with a feature for this month where we were stranded on a desert island, and we had to choose five fictional characters to join us. First of all I just want to gush about how awesome this idea is – wow! I loved the sound of this straight away and then what started was a frenzy of trying to think who I could have on the island with me – I thought about it so much I even started dreaming about it at night, weighing up the characters in my mind and debating over who to have! So after many nights dreaming about islands and imagining Castaway-like scenarios, here is my selection.

Professor Dumbledore – (Harry Potter series)
So my first character I want on the island is Professor Dumbledore. Now I literally bow down to the amazing man that is Dumbledore – he is easily the most respected wizard there is, not to mention very knowledgeable, and quite frankly, only the very best will do 😉 Now slight SPOILER ALERT here so don’t read the rest of this section if you haven’t read the books – right are the readers who haven’t read it looking away now? – Okay. I know very well that Dumbledore dies so I have thought about this from many perspectives. The first one is that preferably he is alive because then I’d have him at his greatest and he could use his magical powers to help us all survive on the island in regards to shelter, food – I’m even sure he could wave his wand and magic some form of entertainment for us! Then there’s the dead Dumbledore scenario – Obviously if he’s not alive that’s no use to me, but then I thought he could always come back as a ghost, which would technically mean he could fly about and therefore he could fly up to the tops of the trees and fetch us food and anything we needed. Also ghosts don’t need to eat so more food for us! There is also the possibility that if he was dead, then anyone who had read the Harry Potter books knows that the Professors of Hogwarts come back in portraits in the headmasters office – so in the worst case scenario I’d have brought a talking portrait on to the island with me, nice one Meg, great tactics there. Which is fine, I mean, I could prop it up against a tree, make the place look more homely, and I’d always have someone to talk to!

20130913-054057 AM.jpg

Katniss Everdeen – (The Hunger Games Trilogy)
Katniss Everdeen is my second choice for the island, and I was certain that I wanted her as one of my choices right from the very beginning. I’ve read about what Katniss can do, she was in The Hunger Games and personally I was very impressed – I wouldn’t have lasted five minutes in the arena! Her skills with a bow and arrow would be FANTASTIC on the island as she is clearly a very talented hunter and so she could be responsible for bringing us food. I also think that given her background she could also defend us if we ever came into danger…we have no idea if there are any others on the island (or their intentions for that matter – they could be eyeing us up for lunch!) and so we need to be prepared incase we come under attack and there is a fight on the island!

20130913-054157 AM.jpg

Captain Nico Noordholt – (The Gilded Fan by Christina Courtenay)
My third choice is Captain Nico. Now I already spoke about him in my book boyfriend post on Victoria’s last feature – okay I admit it! I chose him because he is devastatingly handsome and I wanted a book boyfriend with me (is that too much to ask?) but I promise he has other uses too! A significant reason that I chose him is because he is a Captain, and Captains would be accustomed to being away somewhere new for longer periods of time. A Captain at sea would also know how to cope in harsh weather conditions, and he would also know how to make the best out of what he has, for example if we needed first aid I’m sure he could make a fine bandage or sling out of an old piece of cloth. Also he’d know how to steer a ship – which would come in handy if we ever happened to find one due to a miracle, or had the time and materials to build a makeshift boat out of scrap pieces of wood. I live in the confidence that if we ever needed to get off of the island – then he’s our man. Though when I think of Captains of ships in stories I think of rum and alcohol, maybe it’s a pirate thing, so worst ways if it all falls to pieces we can all get drunk until we can see the funny side of being stranded and have a jolly good time!

20130913-054243 AM.jpg

T.J. Callahan (On The Island by Tracey Garvis Graves)
So I recently read On The Island and loved it, and it’s quite a coincidence because the book is actually about a few characters who get stranded on an island. Therefore my next choice is T.J. Callahan, who gets stranded on an island in the book he comes from. I know it’s probably bad form to drag someone back onto a deserted island when they’ve already gone through the hardship of it in their own book, the poor boy probably deserves a break! However, I know an opportunity when I see one – and having someone who has already done it is a genius idea! T.J. already knows how to create shelter, build fires and survive on an island, and so we don’t have to waste time trying to learn how best to create shelter for example, because he’s clearly an expert 😉

20130913-054448 AM.jpg

Henry DeTamble (The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger)
My last choice would be Henry from The Time Traveller’s Wife. Now I know in the book that his time travelling is sometimes a curse as he doesn’t know where he will end up and he is away from his wife, but it is also a blessing as he has the opportunity to be with his wife throughout her life. So in regard to the island he would obviously time travel at some point, but this could be helpful as he could alert the people where he time travels to that we are on the island and so we can be rescued, or if he time travelled into the future then he could be able to see what the future held for us – how long we’d be on the island for, how we perhaps eventually get rescued, little things that might help us to survive easier – and above all that would give us hope that we will eventually get off this island, back to real life and throw one massive party to celebrate!

20130913-054637 AM.jpg

Thank you so much Megan for taking part. Tomorrow it’s the turn of Jennifer.


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