My Deserted Island Feature

My Deserted Island Feature by Kirsty

Today we have the very lovely and very funny Kirsty on a deserted island, check out how she will cope and who she will take.

20130909-073653 AM.jpg

I opened my email and there waiting for me, was my next assignment.

My Book boyfriends and I had spent the morning sat around eagerly anticipating where we would be going next or what we would get to do!
I looked at my email, I looked at them, this went on for several minutes until it dawned on me,
It wasn’t possible to take these 5 hotties with me, they were fab for looking at and other purposes *cough, cough* but could they help me with this
‘You are stranded on a deserted island, I’m letting you choose 5 fictional characters you would choose to join you. Now you need to think carefully because these characters are going to help you to survive’

I put on my glasses and tied up my hair, it was time to do some thinking.

Soon I found myself stranded on an island

20130909-073716 AM.jpg

The sand was hot under foot and the sea was warm to touch, as idyllic as this sounds I know it won’t be that way for long.

I’m bound to get tired and need somewhere to sleep, since it takes me hours to put flat pack furniture together, I know I’m not going to be much use utilising items found on the island, so it’s time to call in my first islander.

Atilla from Killer Queens by Rebecca Chance

20130909-073750 AM.jpg

Atilla is a bodybuilding bodyguard, so I think this will stand him in good stead for when he starts building somewhere for us all to live.
Because I’m health and safety conscious, I suggest that Atilla wears no clothes because I don’t want him to ruin his clothes, he only has one set after all!
I remember reading that Atilla has incredible stamina, so I know that he can get the job done.

But to help with his stamina, he will need to be fed and that brings me to my next Islander.

Sam from Cupcakes at Carringtons by Alexandra Brown

20130909-073825 AM.jpg

Sam is an extremely talented baker and also a great friend to Georgie, so when thinking of someone to cook on the island, she was an instant choice.
Plus after a long day of doing what ever it is you do, on an island, Sam would provide someone to gossip with and who knows maybe we would become BFF’s!

To assist Sam with her cooking, I guess we could do with a man of the land and this is where I was able to sneak a book boyfriend along.

Jacques from Winter Wonderland by Belinda Jones

20130909-073857 AM.jpg

A man of the land from Quebec who is used to all conditions. Jacques will be the hunter, gatherer. He can sort out the fires, catch the food and generally makes sure we have all the items we could use off the island.

I need him to be careful because I don’t want him to burn, he is a boyfriend after all.

So just in case he does get injured I’m bringing in

Dobby from the Harry Potter books by JK Rowling

20130909-073938 AM.jpg

My first thought was that Dobby could magic us off the island, but I don’t know how much power his little finger tips carry, so then I thought he could be our little island medic.
Complete with his own range of sock bandages, I think Dobby is going to be a great asset.
And if Atilla gets cold, he can have a sock too!

Now I probably don’t need to point out that Dobby is only little, so technically he is only half a person, which brings me to the other half.

Ticket from By My Side by Alice Peterson

20130909-074014 AM.jpg

Now Ticket is an exceptional dog, he is trained to help and assist thanks to the fabulous people at Canine Partners (
I’ve chosen Ticket because I think he will lift the mood on the Island and keep the spirits up for all of us stranded.

Ticket will bring us happiness, because as you know money can’t buy it.
Which brings me to my last Islander..

Gideon Cross from The Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day

If you’ve not met Mr Cross, then you’re really missing out on a treat.
Some say he is the richest man in New York, others say in America and I once heard that he might even be the richest man in the world.
Now this man, he is smart but he is also street smart and that means that he could put our island on the map!

20130909-074058 AM.jpg

Everyone was getting on great, I was fawning over the men, playing fetch with Ticket, Sam was teaching Dobby to cook, when we heard a noise overhead.
It was a shock to us all to discover a private plane getting ready to land.

20130909-074126 AM.jpg

Who would’ve guessed that Gideon Cross, came complete with a tracking device!

And remember boys, what happens on the island stays on the Island!

Personal twitter account: @minionsofbooks (for all things pervy & Gosling)
Blog twitter account: @loveofagoodbook

Thank you so much for taking part Kirsty, but just so you know Gideon Cross is actually mine!

Tomorrow stranded and alone is Sharon Sant.


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