My Deserted Island Feature

My Deserted Island Feature by Jaimie Admans

Today we Jaimie struggling for survival on a deserted island, but fear not she can choose 5 fictional characters to join her. Here is who she has chosen and why:

20130908-084041 AM.jpg

Albus Dumbledore (from Harry Potter)
Well, if you’re stuck on an island, you may as well have the most powerful wizard in the world with you! He could just wave his wand and magic everyone back home, right? If not, at the very least, he could conjure up a boat! With him on the island, I’m sure nobody would be stuck there for long!

20130908-084244 AM.jpg

Katniss Everdeen (from The Hunger Games)
She’s feisty and she can hunt. She’s clever, and will keep us provided with food, and if anyone can find a way off this island, it would be her!

20130908-084419 AM.jpg

Peeta Mellark (from The Hunger Games)
I’d want Peeta because he’s adorable, protective, and he can bake! What do you mean, there wouldn’t be baking ingredients and an oven on this island? Of course there would! You can’t be stuck on a island without someone who can make a cake! I actually used to hate Josh Hutcherson – “that annoying little kid who’s in everything” – and was devastated when I learnt they’d cast him as Peeta, but I actually really like him now and don’t think anyone else could’ve played him better!

20130908-084458 AM.jpg

Andrew Parrish (from The Edge of Never)
Andrew is sweet, funny, and gorgeous! He would be a valuable addition to the island because he would teach us to let go and have fun and not worry about getting off the island so much as enjoying the peace and quiet and living in the moment!

20130908-084636 AM.jpg

Enjolras (from Les Miserables)
As played by Aaron Tveit in the movie last year. *ahem* I have a little bit of a thing for Mr Tveit, but I’m not choosing him because of that or anything. Honest. Enjolras was the leader of their revolution, and was brilliant at rallying the troops, so I reckon he’d be a great asset to have on the island and he’d be good at keeping the morale up. And let’s face it, if you’re stuck on an island, you need something pretty to look at!

20130908-084738 AM.jpg and Twitter @be_the_spark

Thank you so much Jaimie for taking part, Dumbledore is a awesome choice!

Tomorrow making the same hard choices is Kirsty.


2 thoughts on “My Deserted Island Feature by Jaimie Admans

  1. Love this! I thought exactly the same about Peeta’s casting but then I loved him when I saw it. There is a slightly guilty feeling, though, when you fancy someone and then realise that you’ve seen him mostly in other stuff as a little kid. And it also makes you feel very old!

  2. I’ve not seen the Peeta actor in anything I can remember, I’m heading to IMDB to mooch his filmography. Nice choices Jaimie, it’s okay to want the Les Mis dude for a bit of eye candy lol. I’d choose Jason Lewis as Smith in his Sex and the City guise for that exact same reason. Unashamedly so! Someone sold me their boxset of The Wire and accidentally included the disc from Series 4 that introduced him to the show, VERY happy accident for me! x

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