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Up to Me by M. Leighton

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‘For Olivia, romantic bliss has never felt so right as it has with Cash. Unpredictable, expect when it comes to satisfying her desires, Cash’s bad boy reputation is well-earned, but he’s turning his life around with the one woman who accepts him for who he is.

Until stranger from the past turn Olivia and Cash’s world upside down. What they want is something only Cash can give them. And if he doesn’t deliver, then they’re taking the one thing Cash values the most…

Olivia always knew that falling for Cash meant she was likely to get burned. But this new threat is beyond anything she imagined. Now she has to trust Cash with her life – and for Olivia, that’s much easier than letting go and trusting him with her heart.’

Firstly I want two say a HUGE thank you to Emilie at Hodder for sending me this book and basically feeding my addiction to Cash.

So I read the first of the series recently Down To You and reviewed it here;


To say I loved it really wouldn’t be doing the book justice because I flipping ADORED it. So I was literally rocking back and forth in a daze of want and need for the next book, to feed my Cash fix.

Down To You left us at an absolute cliff hanger, so you start reading Up To Me it picked up pretty much where we left off. Only this time Cash is dirtier than ever in the bedroom department (oh my!) I had to fan myself down a fair few times ladies.

Incase you have read the first and not yet read this one I won’t go into too much detail, as I hate giving away the story.

In this book we see Cash’s past catch up with him and threaten to take Olivia from his life….. Permanently. Both completely and utterly in love with each other, Olivia has to overcome the bad boys in her past and learn to let Cash into her heart and Cash has to fight to keep Olivia in his life and to keep her alive.

Because M. Leighton likes to keep us on our toes (as well as hot under the collar) of course there are twists you will never see coming, right to the very end! AGAIN! M.Leighton never gives you a moment to relax. She is killing me right now.

These books are sexier than anything you have read before, honestly five words CASH DAVENPORT AND JACK DANIELS. (I had to open the window).

Steamy, sexy, hot, compelling and unputdownable, these books will have you turning the pages in anticipation of what could possibly come next.

What I love more than anything is the story being told from both Olivia and Cash’s perspective. So brilliantly done and written so seductively that it leaves you wanting more hours after you have finished.

M. Leighton is now an author that I don’t even have to read the blurb of, if her name is on a book, I’m reading it.

Trust me Cash is a man you want to get to know. Also he has some HOT friends in this one.

A series that is an ABSOLUTE MUST READ.

I must stop now as book 3 is awaiting me and I can’t leave Cash hanging!

The link for both ebooks are here;

Down to You (A Bad Boys Novel 1)

Up To Me (Bad Boys Series 2)

And the links for both paperbacks are here;

Down to You (Bad Boys 1)

Up to Me (Bad Boys 2)


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