My Deserted Island Feature

My Deserted Island Feature by Neal Dolan

Today Neal is telling us about his 5 fictional characters that will help him survive a Deserted Island.

20130907-071825 AM.jpg

First of all, PG Wodehouse’s Jeeves would be a handy man to have
around if you’re stuck on a desert island. I could see him ingeniously
knocking up liveable accommodation with individual natural spa pools
while everyone else in the party is drinking the powerful cocktails
he’s dished out after fermenting his own alcohol from local exotic

20130907-071930 AM.jpg

Next, I think I’d pick NYPD cop turned literary agent Jojo Harvey from
Marian Keyes’ The Other Side of the Story. Being stuck on an island,
getting the chance to bend the ear of a tough-talking deal-making
publishing insider who can’t get away from me would be a great
opportunity. That she’s a wise-cracking, redheaded, living, breathing,
Jessica Rabbit who looks a knockout in a trouser suit is entirely

20130907-072019 AM.jpg

20130907-072108 AM.jpg

Then for entertainment, Rob Fleming from High Fidelity. Days could be
spent making up top five lists, and evenings with music. He’d have to
have his extensive record collection and his decks with him though.
I’m sure Jeeves would be able to jerrybuild some mechanical way of
getting them working.

20130907-072155 AM.jpg

Also, I think Bridget Jones would be good company. It’d be handy to
have someone keep a diary of events, and if food and drink is in short
supply she has extensive experience of counting and recording it. It’d
also be handy to have someone even more likely than me to fall out of
a hammock and get their sarong caught on a coconut tree while we’re so
far away from civilisation (It’s a desert island, I’m assuming both
sexes would be going for Beckham-esque attire. It’s the sort of thing
that sounds a good idea when it’s too hot and you’re knocking back
cocktails all day…).

20130907-072249 AM.jpg

Finally, I’d bring Superman from the DC comic books. I imagine the
charm of a desert island would wear off pretty quickly, despite the
company, and I’d miss my wife and kids too much, so someone who could
fly me home would be nice. The boys, and probably also Jo, would be
delighted at the chance to meet him too.

20130907-072331 AM.jpg

Neal’s debut novel Dan Taylor Is Giving Up On Women is published by
Carina UK on 16 September 2013 and is available here:

You can find him on twitter as @nealdoran.

Thank you Neal for taking part, I have to say if I was on a deserted island with Superman my kids and husband would be a distant memory!

Tomorrow Jaimie Adman’s will be stranded and in need of some fictional help.


4 thoughts on “My Deserted Island Feature by Neal Dolan

  1. Neal, I don’t think much of your survival instincts, superman excepted, but I think you may well have a lot of fun trying. 😉 Good luck with your new book.

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