My Deserted Island Feature

My Deserted Island Feature by Laura Lovelock

Today we have one of my absolute favourite girls, Laura. I sadly dumped her on a deserted island. Don’t worry though I let her have 5 choices of who could join her 😉

20130906-082021 AM.jpg

Being stranded on a desert island isn’t my idea of fun. I hate sand and am petrified of water so really, it’s a bit like hell. However I am allowed five fictional characters to join me on this awful island. BINGO. I’ll take five of the hottest fictional men please; they’ll make the island less hell like. Oh wait, what? They have to help me to survive? Damn it. Massages and cheeky snogs aren’t really the best survival tactics.
So, let’s think about this relatively logically. If I’m stranded on an island, the first thing that we are going to want to do is get the hell off the bleedin’ thing. This requires the skills of someone who can knock up a boat from the sparse palm trees or someone who can magically part the sea (could harry potter do that? I have no idea what he is capable of). Or you could just call on…
The first person on the island with me is going to be the clever, time travelling, time traveller, Dr Who.
Firstly, we can all just jump in his Tardis and end up back on dry land. Secondly, we could take a de-tour via a faraway planet and have a battle with daleks. Plus, I’ve always wanted to have a go with a sonic screwdriver.
Now, before you all boo and hiss and tell me Dr Who is actually off the TV and not from a book, think again. THERE ARE BOOKS ABOUT DR WHO. (And, whilst they may have come about after the TV show, they still count as books right? Plus Dr Who is a fictional character through and through.)
If I’m honest, there’s never really been a sexy Dr Who. Most of them are quite geeky and awkward (which I love) but I guess I’d choose David Tennant’s Dr Who to be the one to rescue us. He’d be alright to kiss. WAIT. Sorry, it would be incredibly inappropriate to be kissing anyone on this island whilst we are all in a midst of panic about how we are going to survive. He’d just be a very kind and helpful Dr to have to take us all bake to safety.

20130906-082126 AM.jpg

Now we have a way to get off of the island, I guess I can just choose four other gorgeous men?
Well, that would be a silly idea, wouldn’t it?
We need someone who could build us a little shelter whilst we wait for the Dr to charge up his Tardis. Who better than Noah Calhoun from The Notebook? He managed to erect (mind out of the gutter, please) a house for the love of his life in no time at all. With the palm trees and odd bits of rock and driftwood lying around, he’d be able to knock up a shack or two within the hour.
So, Ryan Gosling, I MEAN NOAH CALHOUN, welcome onto the island you lovely man.

20130906-082155 AM.jpg

This is odd but I am going to invite another Noah onto the island. This time in the form of Noah Shaw from The Unbecoming Of Mara Dyer. He has the magical powers to heal someone which would be super handy if Noah 1 was to accidently hurt himself chopping a bit of wood. Noah 2 is also a bit of a dish so it wouldn’t hurt to spend the day looking at him strutting along the island with his top off and a pair of speedos on.
Google and I decided that this incredible specimen would make the perfect Noah 2

20130906-082225 AM.jpg

That’s now three of the five companions I am allowed.
I was considering inviting some female company but, you know, five men and I sounds slightly more inviting and would eliminate any female competition. Sorry ladies, I just get on better with men.
I think at this stage it would be wise to consider food. We all need something to keep our energy levels up and whilst I profess to be quite a whizz in the kitchen I think I should hand those reins over to Bree Van De Kamp from Desperate Housewives. WAIT I hear you shout. She’s off the TV and is a WOMAN. Well observed, well observed. I’ve changed my mind about having another woman. Bree is so uptight that the last thing on her mind would be stealing any of the gorgeous men. Plus, I’m sure there’s been some kind of book written about the women of Wisteria Lane (and if not, then, well, screw you). She could knock up a pie or two and would do it in traditional Bree style of perfection and precision.
Welcome to the island, Bree.
(Is it just me that giggles slightly because her name sounds like Brie? No? Ok.)

20130906-082251 AM.jpg

We have someone to help us get off of the island, someone to build a shelter, someone to heal us if we get hurt and someone to cook. Now all we need is a little light entertainment.
Let’s have Johnny from Johnny Be Good shall we?
Plays the guitar, sings, sexy. Perfect.
He can serenade us all whilst we carry out our duties.
Johnny is a notorious bad boy so I’d have to have a word with him before he came on the island and would have to be on his best behaviour. He wouldn’t be allowed to mess around and push people in the sea for a laugh and he would definitely not be allowed to smoke or drink.

20130906-082348 AM.jpg

Doesn’t Adam Levine remind you of Johnny?
Then, of course, there’s poor old me who is struggling to survive surrounded by this eclectic group. But fear not, for I am sure Johnny could take time out of playing the guitar to fan me and once in a while Noah 2 could use his magic hands to give me a massage and of course Noah 1 would need a cuddle every now and again. After he’s finished building the shelters I could always have a snooze with him, building can be very tiring…Plus Bree would be able to knock up a key lime pie from scratch and have it ready and waiting whenever I feel hungry. And last but by no means least, once the Tardis has finished charging (I don’t think it ever has to charge but just go with me on this) the Dr could bundle us all into his little police box and whizz us off around the galaxy.
I’m quite content with this idea. I think we’d make a great team and be off the island in no time.
P.S this is how I will spend the majority of the time on the island…

20130906-082415 AM.jpg

Thank you so much for taking part Laura even if you did cheat! Haha

Tomorrow it’s the turn of Neal Doran.


One thought on “My Deserted Island Feature by Laura Lovelock

  1. Hi, Laura. As a fan of David Tennant, I’d have to say good choice and that the Tardis has been known to need recharging every once in a while. Love the answers and loving this idea, V.

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