My Deserted Island Feature

My Deserted Island Feature by Jack Croxall

Today I have left Jack alone on a deserted island, lets are who he decides is going to be vital to his survival….

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Deserted Island Characters – Jack Croxall

Wow! What an awesome idea for a feature! I’ve had a lot of fun carefully choosing my five fictional castaways, below are my picks as well as my reasons for choosing them.

Choice One: Katniss Everdeen

My first choice is a pretty obvious one, Katniss can hunt with her bow, gather berries and, whilst the odds never seem to be in her favour, she always manages to find a way to survive. I think finding food on a deserted island has to be a priority, and, throughout The Hunger Games, Katniss always manages not only to feed herself, but those around her too. And I like food.

Choice Two: Esther Emerson

I think this is probably cheating (Esther is from my own book, Tethers) but I’m going to pick her anyway. I expect the deserted island will seem like a paradise, but, surrounded by ocean, I’d always be terrified that ferocious pirates were going to turn up! There is no better swashbuckler than my Esther, and so I’d constantly need her on hand to fend off Davey Jones and his cronies. Plus, I’ll follow her around, write down what she does and that’s another book sorted – bonus!

Choice Three: Tom Imura

Okay so that’s two girls and no boys – sometimes a chap just needs a little bit of guy time, you know? Tom Imura is from the Benny Imura series, and he is a kind and super-wise post-apocalyptic samurai. In a world full of zombies, Tom teaches his younger brother Benny and his buddies to be ‘Warrior Smart’ at all times, turning whatever resources they have to their advantage. He’d be great to chat to, and, hey, there’s always the chance of a zombie outbreak wherever you are!

Choice Four: Iorek Byrnison

In LOST, I remember the creepy island the characters got stranded on had polar bears living in its jungle. I think that’s a cool idea but if I have His Dark Materials’ Iorek with me, I’d actually be able to speak to the fluffy warrior, not just run away screaming! I bet Iorek would also catch me and the gang lots of yummy fish to eat, too, which is great. He does have a tendency to eat his friends when they die though – we might have to have a little talk about that …

Choice Five: Hermione Granger

If we’re going to build a big ship to escape on, or maybe lots of nice, comfy shelters if we decide to stay, we need brains. And probably magic. Hermione is one of the smartest magical people in fiction so she (in Emma Watson form) definitely needs to come. Plus I totally fancy her, and we’d be very happy together thank you very much.

Jack Croxall is an author and science/literature writer living in rural Nottinghamshire. His debut novel, Tethers follows Victorian teenagers Karl Scheffer and Esther Emerson as they become embroiled in a treacherous conspiracy. The book is available through Amazon ( and you can find out more by visiting:

Praise for Tethers

Reminiscent of the exploration stories of Enid Blyton and Arthur Ransome, the kids find themselves on a metaphorical rollercoaster cart racing down the tracks. And the brakes are off. Sword fights, pistols, unfortunate deaths and curious objects, the plot thickens with every twist and turn. Suddenly Blyton meets H.G. Wells, and a brilliantly paced steampunk tale of machinery and science-based magic unfolds. (MuggleNet)

Somewhere between Pullman’s Sally Lockhart mysteries and Moonfleet sits Tethers, a rip-roaring debut novel. Sharply written with well observed characters that you can root for, Tethers has you turning pages faster that Ronald MacDonald can throw out burgers. (Sharon Sant – author of The Memory Game)

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Thank you so much Jack for taking part.

Tomorrow it’s Laura Lovelock’s turn to be stranded.


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