My Deserted Island Feature

My Deserted Island Feature by Charlotte Foreman

Today I have only gone and put Charlotte on a Deserted Island, but fear not I have allowed her to choose company. Lets find out who…

20130904-063556 AM.jpg

If I ever got stranded on a desert island, I’m that stubborn I’d refuse to die. In fact I’m so stubborn, if I really got to take my chosen characters with me, I’d start my own colony. Although I haven’t got any men on my list, so that might present a little bit of a problem . . .

Nora Sutherlin from the Original Sinners series by Tiffany Reisz is number 5 on my survivor list.

Nora’s character is both a dominatrix and submissive (also know as a switch), meaning the woman is basically hard as nails. Participating in regular beating sessions, she can take pain and dish it out with the best of them so, by my calculations, she’d be pretty good protection.

The island’s locals will probably be likely to give Nora a wide birth seeing as she has an arsenal of ‘tools’ (and yes, she probably does carry them with her at all times) thus preventing us from being boiled in a pot of hot water and consumed in some weird ritual.

20130904-063855 AM.jpg

Ticket from Alice Peterson’s By My Side is my number 4.

I realise Ticket is a dog but what a dog he is! Specially trained in the art of helpfulness, I reckon he’d get you out of a tight spot or two on the island. He’d happily carry wood for your fire, guard you at night, fight to protect you, sniff out sources of food – oh, the possibilities are endless.

Plus after a few weeks on the island, he wouldn’t care that your hair unwashed and sticking up in clumps, that you hadn’t brushed your teeth or that you had begun to go all Tom Hanks Cast Away on him by rambling incoherently at inanimate objects. What a guy!

20130904-063927 AM.jpg

Harry Potter’s very own Hermione Granger lands the number 3 spot.

Let’s face it; the girl’s a legend and most of you reading this know why so I won’t bore you with the whys. I will, however, give you my reasoning, it’s 4-fold:

The chick has a wand.

She can legitimately call herself a Muggle.

She’s right 99% of the time.

In theory, she should be able to Wingardium Leviosa us off any deserted island. Problem solved.

20130904-063959 AM.jpg

Number 2 is Poppy Wyatt from I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella.

It’s been a long, long time since I read this book but Poppy stands out in my mind as a person I could spend extended amounts of time with. Yes, she’d probably be the first person tucking into the washed up rum, cause a whole heap of trouble and put us in a worse situation than when we started but I’ve no doubt it would be great fun J

20130904-064054 AM.jpg

I’m going for the obvious choice of Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games for my number 1 Survivor Book Buddy.

Katniss is a tough, infinitely tougher than me, so I’d need her to keep me alive. She may not be a barrel of laughs and is quite intense but she’s the Bear Grylls of the fiction world and could knock up a 3 course meal using only berries, leaves and a smidge of dirt. She’s also pretty handy with a bow and arrow, knows how to handle injury and is basically the outdoorsy type.

20130904-064129 AM.jpg

Boom. Survival 1 Death 0.

Thanks for having me, Victoria!

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Thank you so much for taking part Charlotte, thank god you didn’t want to cook ticket!

Tomorrow I’m abandoning Jack Croxall on the Deserted Island.


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