My Deserted Island Feature

My Deserted Island Feature by Stacey Hargreaves

Today we have the very lovely Stacey stranded and alone on a deserted, lets see who she chooses to join her,

20130903-064329 AM.jpg

My first character to join me on a deserted island would have to be Dobby the House-elf from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

20130903-064434 AM.jpg

Dobby’s magical powers include apparition so he can disapparate from the island and arrange for us all to be rescued.

Whilst we’re waiting for Dobby to arrange for our rescue, Hermione Granger, also from the Harry Potter series would keep us all protected from harm, as she did with Harry in The Deathly Hallows

20130903-064512 AM.jpg

Studious Hermione has the book of spell memorised and a magical handbag that contains everything we would need to survive until rescued.

The third character to join us would have to be Willy Wonka from Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

20130903-064600 AM.jpg

Let to his own devices, Willy Wonka’s creations include a chocolate river and three-course-dinner gum but with a little help from Hermione, who knows what they could create. Obviously, I’d be there to assist the both in the form of chief taste-tester!

For the sole purposes of keeping me entertained and working off all the calories from the chocolate tasting, my next fourth choice would have to be Max Stella from Beautiful Stranger.

20130903-064713 AM.jpg

My final choice is a popular character but I can’t say I’m too familiar with the books due to my lack of children… Peppa Pig.

20130903-064807 AM.jpg

Well, there’s only so much chocolate you can eat!

20130903-064857 AM.jpg

When not turning cartoon pigs into sausages, I can be found reviewing books over at or @notyetaparker on Twitter.

Thank you so much Stacey for taking part, the slaughtering of Peppa pig? You can explain that to my three year old!

Tomorrow stranded and alone is Charlotte from BestChickLit.


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