My Deserted Island Feature

My Deserted Island Feature

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Hello friends,

So a crazy idea entered my head, again, and I decided “what a great idea for a feature”. I then decided I would make other people join in and share my despair as I struggled with it. So through September I will have others sharing there posts.

Here is what I sent to everyone taking part;

You are stranded on a deserted island, I’m letting you choose 5 fictional characters you would choose to join you. Now you need to think carefully because these characters are going to help you to survive. So may want to choose those that have skills, (and i don’t mean in the bedroom!), you may not, that choice I leave with you.

Now I won’t lie there has been some complete and utter cheating from some of the people taking part. BUT it has been so hilarious and bloody clever I have allowed it. I really hope you enjoy.

Here is my 5.

So after thinking long and hard about who I would take along, I had to make the decision five hot book boyfriends may not work out. I mean I couldn’t have them all fighting over me. (because that would totally happen!)

So instead I decided to think about my needs on the island. One person who was ALWAYS going to end up on my Island would have to be Noah, (no not the biblical one, although he did have an arc…..) Noah Calhoun from The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

20130902-100206 AM.jpg

I know what you are thinking….

20130902-100405 AM.jpg

Well ok yes, this DID pop into my brain. BUT let me state that Noah built an entire house, that is a skill I quite frankly NEED to have when allowing people on the island. Also this gorgeous man reads poetry, oh who am I kidding he looks utterly divine in the rain and a white shirt….

20130902-100809 AM.jpg

And I’m also very partial to a beard.

Now onto who I would take next, this was pretty easy for me. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.

20130902-101024 AM.jpg

Why? Well that’s easy explained, this girl is a massive geek and loves books. Instantly we would become best friends. It would also help massively that she has in her possession of a magic wand and a bag that could fit a never ending supply of books in.

20130902-101318 AM.jpg

This is starting to look like the whole being stranded thing could be fun.

Now onto number three. This is possibly one of my most favourite book characters EVER. Molly Weasley, from Harry Potter (again)

20130902-101556 AM.jpg

Why because I think she would mother us all, worry for us, cook for us, clean for us and be our mum. She would be there to hand out advice and give us love and hugs. She cooks a mean meal and it helps she is a total bad-ass and protects fiercely.

20130902-101831 AM.jpg

So I have a gorgeous man who can build houses, a witch who is a bookworm and another witch to be my mum. I need some more skills that will help us survive I think which brings me onto Gale Hawthorne from The Hunger Games.

20130902-102251 AM.jpg

I know exactly what you are thinking….. Another hot man. Well you are wrong!

20130902-102403 AM.jpg

Okay, okay I so did it because he is hot! BUT he can hunt. It’s win/win. It’s FOOL PROOF.
So he can hunt the food that Molly will cook, whilst Noah is building my house. Then while all this is happening me and Hermione will be reading books in the shade.

Now the last position available on my Island has been a hard choice, there are so many I would love to come and join us, (mainly every Harry Potter character). But seeing as I made the stupid rules, I can’t do that.

So I choose the vicar from Tess Gerritsen’s Rizzoli and Isles series of books.

20130902-103220 AM.jpg

You may think this an odd choice, I’m not religious and what skills could he possibly bring to the island.

Well friends being trapped on an island with no means of escape and two magic wands available THIS COULD BECOME REALITY;

20130902-103515 AM.jpg

Oh yes my friends that is what you call thinking outside the box.


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