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Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies #2) by Tarryn Fisher

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‘Leah Smith finally had everything she has ever wanted. Except she doesn’t. Her marriage feels more like a loan than a lifelong commitment, and the image she has worked so hard to build is fraying before her eyes. With a new role and a past full of secrets, Leah must decide how far she is willing to go to keep what she has stolen.’

This book is the second instalment of the Love Me Lies Trilogy. I read and reviewed the first one yesterday which can be found here;


I loved the first book so much I started this one instantly after finishing the first.

In the last book we see Olivia finally say goodbye to Caleb and marry Noah. (Much to my breaking heart).

This book is told in Leah’s voice, the wife of Caleb, who ran Olivia out of Caleb’s life. Leah has just given birth to her and Caleb’s first child. We watch her struggle with motherhood and lie and cheat her way into her husband’s affections.

Leah soon starts to realise that she has lost Caleb to yet another woman, this one is her own daughter. The more Leah pushes her daughter away the more she is loosing Caleb. Until eventually her lies catch up with her and he finally leaves her.

As with The Opportunist this book tells us the story from past and present. The present being Leah struggling to hold onto her marriage, struggling to be a mum and still living in the shadow of Olivia.

The past tells the story of how she lied and cheated her way into Caleb’s life. It also goes through the trial again that involved Olivia saving her from prison.

Firstly let me state that Leah is a vile, vindictive, conniving little bitch. At times I really felt for her but it never lasted long. What she does in this book had me baying for her blood she truly is a nasty piece of work.

It’s still completely obvious that Caleb is addicted and madly in love with Olivia and the small glimpses we catch of Olivia it seems certain that she still hasn’t and will never be over Caleb.

This book was as highly addictive as the first, the plot thickens and the lies are mounting. I adore Caleb but he has done his share of lying and causing hurt also. I cannot wait to read the last of the books, I’m predicting a huge showdown. Someone is going to get hurt.

This book is impossible to stop reading for even a second. Intense, addictive, dangerous and will have you craving more.

I cannot recommend enough;

Book 1; The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies #1)

Book 2; Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies #2)


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