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The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies #1) by Tarryn Fisher

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‘Olivia Kaspen is a sharp youngest manipulator used to always getting what she wants. With just one exception – Caleb Drake, the one she foolishly let slip away. After a chance encounter brings Caleb back into her life, Olivia finds herself wanting a second chance with her first love, and asking herself how far she is willing to get him back.
Her only problem is a red head named Leah, Caleb’s new love. Olivia must fight for what was once hers, and in the process discover that sometimes love falls short of redemption.’

Before I talk about this book let me tell you, this book BROKE MY HEART! I am currently sat here typing this and sobbing like a baby.

A friend on twitter told me I had to buy this, I did it without even thinking. The last book she had recommended was absolutely fantastic, so I instantly trusted her judgement. My god, what a book. I have been GLUED to my kindle not caring that my husband and kids may need looking after, they paled in comparison to my need to read this book.

The Opportunist starts in the present with Olivia, by absolute chance she sets sights on her first love, Caleb. The one who still makes her heart ache in pain. She decides to walk away before he notices her, he promised to never lay eyes on her again. Olivia ruined him. (We don’t know why yet, we just know that she is bad).
Instead of walking away Olivia goes into the record shop and pretends to accidentally “bump” into him. When she does she gets a massive shock, he doesn’t remember her. Caleb had amnesia after an car accident, so he has no idea who she is.

Olivia then starts up a friendship with Caleb, she wants to enjoy him before he remembers her and hates her all over again. But time is starting to run out, it’s clear Olivia and Caleb still have a very intense connection, and Caleb’s girlfriend Leah is very sly and after working out who Olivia really is warns her off and sends her packing.

Being the coward she is Olivia runs rather than telling Caleb who she really is. She doesn’t want to hurt him all over again.

Throughout the book we have flashes of the past and how Olivia and Caleb first started dating, (he was the typical jock and she was moody and refused to fall for his charms.) which leads up to how they broke up.

The way the book changes from past and present, constantly leaving you at crucial points has you desperate to get to the next part. The whole book was highly addictive and near impossible to put down.

The twists, you never see coming and they cause your heart to be smashed into tiny little pieces, never allowing them to get pieced together long enough before its ripped from your chest again.

This was incredibly intoxicating and highly addictive. The story of Olivia and Caleb is all about power, lies and heartbreak.

It’s about a first love that never leaves you. A first love that takes over your every thought. A first love ruined by lies and games that you never stop playing.

You MUST read this book and for 77p you will find it hard to turn down;


I’m now off to read the next one as I cannot wait a second longer.


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