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Millie and the American University by Annabel Scott

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‘Millie’s always dreamt of being American, thanks to an obsession with US Television shows. As the only English girl on campus, she realises that she could live her very own American dream: joining a sorority and bagging an all American boyfriend. Only when Millie finds a friend in Kristen, she alienates Casey and Jen, the sorority girls who’d taken her under their wing. Millie discovers that Casey is not a woman to be crossed, and she soon finds herself living an American nightmare with her scholarship under threat, and the all the American boyfriend ending things before they really start.’

I would like to thank Annabel for sending me this to review, I really appreciate it.

Millie and the American University is the prequel to Millie and the American Wedding, which I reviewed earlier in the week here;


So after reading the first book, which was all about Millie and the wedding, I couldn’t wait to to dive back into Millie’s world and find out about her and Rob.

Again I found Annabel’s writing voice really strong and confident, which had me captivated from the very beginning until the very end.

So this book sees Millie as the only English girl in an American University. Straightaway we see Millie at a party doing a keg stand, feeling sick she heads outside to meet a beautiful stranger, Rob.

Rob doesn’t make a huge deal of her accent like everyone else does and makes Millie feel at ease. But Millie is soon being sick, and rather than running off, Rob holds back her hair and gently rubs her back. (Swoon, what? is that a weird swoon?). They then spend some time together and are broken apart when Casey and Jen find her.

Having no friends she is taken on by Casey and Jen, who are sorority sisters. (Think the bitches in Mean Girls!)
They completely overhaul Millie’s image with new clothes, sleeker hair, more salads and daily trips to the gym.

Attending parties with the girls, Millie meets Kristen who is down to earth and friendly. But Casey and Jen hate Kristen.

Casey and Jen want to rush Millie into becoming a “sister” which it seems involves a lot of humiliating on the girls wanting to become one. So thankfully Millie decides this isn’t for her, which then starts a brilliant friendship with Kristen.

Kristen and Millie spend nearly all there time getting completely drunk at parties, where on numerous occasions Millie meets Rob with absolutely no recollection of who he is (poor boy!). Each time Millie is taken by him but seems to completely forget who he is.

At one of the parties Millie sleeps with Joel, not actually interested in Joel at all she sort of pushes Kristen into his line of vision and escapes to the bar. Here she meets Rob, again, only this time fed up of being forgettable he tells her his name is Rufus.

Having ditched Casey and Jen it’s seems they are intent of getting revenge on Millie….

I shall stop now because I will go on forever, because I just enjoyed it so much.

I absolutely adored that Annabel managed to completely engross me in a book that would be my idea of hell, had it been real life. Millie, faced with the wrath of the “popular bitches” stands tall and proud, even when completely humiliated.

What I loved more than anything was the surprise I got. After reading Millie and the American Wedding and knowing this was the prequel, I was expecting this to be completely focused on the romance between Rob and Millie. It wasn’t at all, which was a pleasant surprise, as I don’t think my heart could handle it (knowing how it would end).

This was hilarious, exciting, fun, compelling and a absolute page turner. Annabel Scott is one of those writers that has the ability to hold you hostage to a book.

Here is the link for a copy;



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