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Millie and the American Wedding by Annabel Scott

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‘Millie accidentally accepts an invitation to be a bridesmaid at an American Wedding in New York. It’s Millie’s worst nightmare. Not only has she slept with the groom, but her ex boyfriend (the one that got away) is the best man and his married.

As her friend, Kristen, gets ready for the best day of her life, Millie gears up for the worst week of hers.’

I was sent this by Annabel, so would like to say a huge thank you.

I had recently seen a few reviews for this book and thought that is my sort of book. When I started it Annabel’s reading voice was so strong and told me “oh yes you aren’t going anywhere until you finish me!” That voice was correct.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, so much I attempted to cook and read, the pasta burnt at the bottom of the pan. Thanks for that Annabel!

So Millie receives a invitation to be a bridesmaid for her friend, Kristen, at her wedding in America. Having slept with the Groom and her ex being the best man, it’s understandable that Millie should hide the invitation.

When Kristen rings Millie, Millie says yes to one question, which somehow has Kristen thinking she is agreeing to go to the wedding.

After somehow agreeing to being a bridesmaid, Millie is then bombarded with emails from the manic Maid Of Honour, Collette, who could be mistaken for a wicked witch.

When Millie finally arrives in America she quickly forms a fantastic friendship with Tara, (who had me crying with laughter at the wedding reception). It’s also clear that Collette seems to really dislike Millie.

On the secret hen night (the one that Collette has no hand in and doesn’t know about) Millie quite hilariously gets drunk, meets a man, James, who they then kidnap for the rest of the night. Millie whilst drunk, then splits her dress to which James gives her his jacket to save her from further embarrassment.

Having to deal with Collette’s clear dislike of her, her ex being part of the wedding party, then also the secrets of one the bridesmaids she has discovered and promised to keep quiet about, it looks to be quite the wedding.

This was such a fantastic book. I loved the drama, the heartbreak and the mystery as to why Millie’s ex was the “one who got away”. But what I loved more than all off that…. The humour, it had me laughing so much. This is perfect Chick-lit and easy reading.

The characters are lovable, even Collette, who you want to hate but you can’t because you end up coming round and end up actually feeling sorry for her.

This made me laugh a lot, it also had me cry a bit too. I absolutely recommend this should make it into your kindles.

Annabel Scott is one of those authors you can’t believe you haven’t picked up her books sooner, then go rushing to find every other book. She certainly makes it onto my “Author to watch out for” lists.

Just brilliant!

Here is the link to get a copy;



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