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My Book Boyfriend by Christine

Today is the last day of My book Boyfriend. I know, so sad. If you really feel you can’t continue without a daily dose of hot men, I can’t provide pictures on twitter just ask!

Here is what Christine had to say about her book boy…

I only have one book boyfriend. I read an awful lot of books, but have only fallen massively in love with one character, Will Trent.

Every time Karin releases another book about him, I fall that little bit more in love with him. There are now 7 books featuring him.

20130825-083340 AM.jpg

We meet Will Trent in Triptych. He is tall, blond, awkward, incredibly clever at catching criminals and has this vulnerability about him that is so endearing. Slowly in each book, Slaughter reveals that little bit more insight into his background. He is now in a relationship with Sara Linton and I am slightly jealous. Well more than slightly jealous, incredibly jealous!

20130825-083423 AM.jpg

Thank you Christine and everyone else who took part throughout the past month. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. X


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