My Book Boyfriends Feature

My Book Boyfriend by Annie

Today we have Annie sharing some boys with us, do enjoy as (sob) this is the second to last one!

How could you not want to make your own list when you hear one of your favourite book bloggers is doing a feature on “My Book Boyfriend”. The hardest part was getting it down to just five!

So here we go – you will have worked out by the end of this list that I have a soft spot for (a) Australian soaps (b) ageing rock stars and (c) men in top hats. I’m not even sorry!

5. Will – Me Before You by Jojo Moyes – I fell in love with Will almost from the first chapter. Yes he’s arrogant and unpleasant and believes himself to be the centre of his own universe but he’s also funny and honest and beautifully vulnerable. Without giving the plot away for that one person in the universe who hasn’t read this book yet, my heart ached for days after I finished this book and I couldn’t read anything else for a week. In my head he was Ben Barber (better known for playing Rhys Lawson in Neighbours – who came to an almost equally heartbreaking end but let’s stop before I get into Neighbours plotlines).

20130824-093950 AM.jpg

4. Ralph – Ralph’s Party by Lisa Jewell – I was at university when Ralph’s Party was first published and we all passed round a battered copy of it and all fell head over heels for Ralph. He was the boy we all wanted to meet but never did. Sadly. Britpop was in it’s heyday at the time (I’m making myself sound old here!) and don’t think I was alone in imagining Ralph to look just like Alex James from Blur!

20130824-094159 AM.jpg

3. Johnny Jefferson – Johnny Be Good by Paige Toon – Johnny was a last minute addition as I’ve only just finished ready Johnny Be Good (I have no idea why I missed it out first time round). Oh Johnny, be still my beating heart. I shared with Paige over on Twitter that in my head Johnny was Axle Whitehead (better known as ex-addict rockstar Liam Murphy in Home + Away – I know, I’ve already said I’m not sorry).

20130824-094418 AM.jpg

2. Woody Jenson – When I Fall In Love by Miranda Dickenson -and so we move on to the ageing rockstar. Woody Jenson is adorable, mysterious and slightly ropey and I fell for him the minute he walked onto the page. Now I know Miranda has already written about how she would like the wonderful Paul Kaye to play Woody should this story ever be made into a film (which it should because it’s fab) but to me Woody will always be Chris Cornell (albeit Chris Cornell with an East London accent).

20130824-094714 AM.jpg

1. Mr William Guppy, Clerk at Law – Bleak House by Charles Dickens – bit of a strange on this but I’ve always been a sucker for a man in a top hat and tails. Mr Guppy is slightly obsequious and will do anything to get to the top, but he is also the centre of Dickens’ famous story of murder and intrigue and he can charm everyone enough to trust him and he’s been my number one literary character since I first read Bleak House as a teen. The BBC got him spot on as played by Burn Gorman but imagine if he was played by Johnny Depp….

20130824-095038 AM.jpg

Thank you so much to Annie for taking part, tomorrow is the LAST DAY. So be prepared to say goodbye ladies!


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