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Question Time with Author Sharon Sant #2

So after hearing the exciting news that Sharon was bringing The SkySong Trilogy out in paperback I thought excellent another excuse to get her answering questions on the blog.

So thank you Sharon for taking the time out to answer my questions.

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The Sky Song trilogy is all about Jacob learning that he isn’t what he thought he was and that he has powers and a very important role on another planet. Where did this story come from?

To be honest, I can’t remember where the original idea for Sky Song came from, probably from one of the weird connections my brain makes with everyday events, but it started out as a simple tale of a little girl whose father watched the skies every night. She didn’t know why but it soon became clear that he was watching for someone, rather than something. It grew from there really, and once I’d changed the characters into older kids, the rest of the story sort of clicked into place. Once I’d got to the end of Sky Song, I realised that Jacob’s journey was far from over, and so The Young Moon followed and then Not of Our Sky.

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Was there much edited out of the trilogy?

Funnily there wasn’t. When I was writing one of my other books, Runners, a huge amount was chopped and changed, but all the Sky Song books came out pretty much as they began. I did have to change a lot of the names at one point, but that was about it.

Out of the three books, was there one that was harder to write than the others? Was there one where you suffered with writer’s block at all?

The first one took the longest and was probably the hardest because I had to establish the world and its characters, as well as the fact that I was a lot less experienced as a writer than when I wrote the second two. Happily, writer’s block is something that I have yet to encounter and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way!

Do you have a favourite out of the three main characters? (Tough, I know!)

It’s funny, but I always said Jacob was my favourite and I always assumed that other people would say Jacob too. But most people have fallen for Luca, and now that I read the books again, I can sort of see why. It is a tough call, because I’ve come to realise that any one of the three doesn’t really work without the other two.

If you could have Jacob’s powers, what would you do/change?

Oh my goodness, this is such a hard question! I’d be too scared to alter things massively, especially, as Jacob finds out, things can go very wrong. There is one particular thing in the books that Jacob is unable to do but others like him can. At the risk of being cryptic, I’m going to say that I’d love to be able to do that!

The books will soon be available in paperback, when will they be available to snap up? How excited are you about the impending release?

I’ve been trying to get paperbacks produced for a while, so I’m very excited. They need to be proofread once more and then they’ll be ready. I’m looking at a date of 22nd September if nothing goes wrong!

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You have changed the book fronts, which I LOVE. What was the reason for changing them?

It was literally just because I felt it was time for a change. There had been some debate over the old and new covers, because some people still liked the old ones better, but now that all three are together I think, stylistically, they really work as solo designs and as a series.

Can you describe the Sky Song trilogy in five words?

Heart-warming and heartbreaking, surprising, intense.

You are in the stages of finishing your next book. What can you tell us?

Victoria knows all! Yes, I am and it’s called The Memory Game. It’s about a fifteen-year-old boy who is killed in a hit-and-run and how he haunts the girl that he bullied at school when he was alive. It’s a ghost story on the surface, but it’s about more than that; it’s about how the most unlikely people can find common ground from mutual need, it’s about loneliness and friendship, and how people aren’t ever what they seem to be.

You use social media. What is it like to be able to speak to your readers through social media?

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that I never shut up on there! I love it, it’s an incredible privilege to be able to hear first hand how something you’ve written has affected somebody you’ve never even met, and to be able to thank them too when they say nice things. That’s something that authors have never had until quite recently and I think we should treasure that and do our best not to abuse it.

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Not of Our Sky (The Sky Song trilogy) Book 3


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