My Book Boyfriends Feature

My Book Boyfriend by Natalie

Today we have all of Natalie’s book boyfriends taking over the blog, have fun, but be warned the feature ends this weekend, boo hoo!

Firstly, I would like to thank Victoria for allowing me to share my hunks, I mean dream men, no I mean book boyfriends. Phew!
When I read a book I do tend to put faces in, so there were a few still fresh in my mind. If you know what I mean πŸ˜‰

1) The Greatest Love Story Of All Time – Lucy Robinson.

20130823-083812 AM.jpg

20130823-083851 AM.jpg

Who doesn’t love Dave? He’s the perfect best friend boyfriend who you feel completely protected with. His scruffy style, smoking, drinking, easy go attitude and jokey ways took me straight to my all time favourite crush Nathan Followill kings of Leon drummer. Check out his arms!!

2) Wicked Wives – Anna Lou Weatherley

20130823-083934 AM.jpg

20130823-083947 AM.jpg

Aah Tom Black, the woman eating, manipulating, cheat and playboy. With his sexy arrogance and utter I need you aura. Obviously it had to be Bradley Cooper. When he looks nasty or snarls that man makes knees weaker than arthritis does.

3) The Naughty Girls Book Club – Sophie Hart

20130823-084028 AM.jpg

20130823-084043 AM.jpg

Now I’m not usually a Justin fan, but when he does the geek chic look I find myself thinking, hello geeky Justin, shall we steam up your glasses? So when I was introduced to geeky Archie in The Naughty Girls Book Club Justin and his glasses automatically won first place.

4) Lucy in the Sky – Paige Toon

20130823-084120 AM.jpg

20130823-084202 AM.jpg

Is there a female alive who does not have a thing for David Beckham? With age this man is getting better and better. So Australian surfer and total heartthrob Nathan with his dirty blonde flowing locks, muscles, stupid jokes and sense of adventure would certainly keep you on your toes being your fella wouldn’t he? What a match made in heaven Nathan and David are.

5) Always You – Erin Kaye

20130823-084253 AM.jpg

20130823-084307 AM.jpg

Poor Cahal ay? My heart bled for the man when I read Always You. With his thick Irish accent and him being a total sweetheart, he would be a boyfriend of dreams. Who else possibly could fit that description other than the delightful Gerard? (I do know he’s Scottish, but we’ve all seen him playing the Irish heart throb)

6) Sinfully Summer – Aimee Duffy

20130823-084347 AM.jpg

20130823-084358 AM.jpg

Enrique, Enrique, Enrique with your moodiness, demands and authority. Who wouldn’t want to be Enrique Castillo’s princess living happily ever after in his Spanish mansion? No other man could be Enrique in my mind. Enrique is Enrique. Wow that’s a lot of confusion and Enrique’s isn’t it?

7) Waking Up Married – Mira Lyn Kelly

20130823-084511 AM.jpg

20130823-084527 AM.jpg

I want a Carter Reed. He is the most romantic, deserving and fabulous boyfriend/husband. (Sshh don’t tell my husband that) With all that and sultry good looks, Ian Somerhalder is carter Reed. Imagine those eyes looking at no one else but you and that pout being all yours. Swoon**

I have so many more, but I think Victoria may not want me taking over her blog πŸ™‚

Now I see complete cheating here, hang on…… More boys? Oh Natalie do carry on!

Thank you so much to Natalie for joining in, the second to last person on the blog tomorrow is Annie.


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