2013 Book Reviews

The Paul Day Chronicles, Happily Ever After by Gary Locke

20130820-062814 PM.jpg

‘For Paul Day, there’s never been any such thing as a normal year.
But could 2006 be the exception to the rule?
Could 2006, now at age thirty, be the beginning of all his plans going smoothly, and become his first real successful and happy year?
Not if the usual brand of life chaos has anything to do with it!
Follow him as, per usual, he turns ever ordinary event into an extraordinary drama.
From diamond ring purchases to Internet dating, via stag dos and bungee jumps, punctuated will ill-fated encounters with the law and perpetual career struggles.
As usual it’s one riotous, laugh out loud, calamity quickly followed by another!
And then there are the women.
Soul mates, childhood sweethearts, sexual deviants, Internet dates, girls from nightclubs, women from work… So many women!
You’d think that one of them must be the one!
But which one?’

I was asked to review this by Gary, so I would like to say thank you.

This is such a laugh out loud read, the laughter is from start to finish. Sometimes making it hurt to breathe.

Paul goes through life just trying to survive really, you never see what is coming and with each new day he brings unpredictability. Lets take for instance his online dating with Christine, I won’t tell you what happens but I was HOWLING with laughter. Utterly ingenious.

He lives with Ever, who has it seems a slightly psychotic personality and she only hits him occasionally, (apparently!). She also had an alter ego… Madam Helga, for the bedroom only of course. He decides its time to get married to Ever, so off he goes engagement ring shopping, it had me crying with laughter.

I want to tell you all my favourite parts but it would result in me just re-telling the entire book to you all.

It honestly is one of the funniest books I’ve read. Period! Not only is it funny it’s interesting and had me glued to the pages.

I highly recommend it if you want to laugh until you cry, here is the link;



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