My Book Boyfriends Feature

My book Boyfriend by Catriona

Today on the My Book Boyfriend feature is Catriona sharing her men.

Ok, my first and ultimate book boyfriend is Dave from The Greatest love story of all time by Lucy Robinson, a fab book if you haven’t read it! He is a gorgeous Scottish hunk who had me swooning and pleading with main character Fran to get together with him. He is entirely under appreciated and I think that’s one of the reasons I fancy him so damn much! I could picture him rescuing me from any situation I found myself in and then making me a good Scottish fry up the next morning… I can’t think of a Scottish celebrity that would play him… Perhaps Gerard Butler?

20130820-083648 AM.jpg

Ok my next book boyfriend is also a Lucy Robinson character, she has a way of writing entirely shaggable men, what can I say? From a Passionate Love Affair with a Total Stranger, it’s Sam. I know this is character has shades of Lucy’s boyfriend in him so this feels slightly wrong fancying him, but he is entirely worth it! He is funny and likeable, and again, I feel that he would make me laugh at the same time as looking after me… When I was reading the book, I totally pictured him as a Ryan Reynolds type so that’s who it’d have to be…

20130820-083938 AM.jpg

My next boyfriend absolutely HAS to be Luke Brandon from the Shopaholic series. Sophie Kinsella knows how to write a man who understands when we shop. I love him for all his understandings and another guy who I know would rescue me in ANY situation, does there seems to be a theme here to these men or what? I thought the choice of person who played him in the film was entirely right and now I picture him as that image whenever I read about him now-bliss!

20130820-084222 AM.jpg

My next book boyfriend would definitely be Danny from the flower shop in the Arcade by Kitty Charles. He has featured in the other Arcade episodes, but June’s episode was all about him, fabulous! I think he has struggled to overcome adversity and yet there is just a little touch of mystery about him still and I love that. I also like the thought that he would bring me pink gerberas home to cheer me up-who doesn’t love a man that will bring you flowers? I think the person I picture him as in my head would be someone like Matt Le Blanc actually, his image keeps popping into my head…

20130820-084621 AM.jpg

Finally it has to be Alex Reid from the I heart series by Lindsey Kelk. I loved this man right from the word go and I am so pleased that he has been brought back again and again and again, because we just get to experience even more of him! I get so jealous when Angela slobs around in one of his t-shirts in the books, and when he comes in smelling of sweat and bar and band and she gets to be there-swoon! He’s the original slightly bad boy who turns out to be soooo good for Angela. Now who to play him in my head…? This is hard because I totally picture my boyfriend when I think about him, band t shirt and all but I think it would have to be Jack Black because he looks just like my man…

20130820-085127 AM.jpg

I love the idea for this feature, and like most people I could probably go on and on talking about my book boyfriends, the hardest thing was thinking of people that would play them…

To get in touch with Catriona;

Thank you so much to Catriona for taking part in my feature. Tomorrow we have Aven Ellis.


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