My Book Boyfriends Feature

My Book Boyfriend by Lisa

Ladies it’s now the final week of my book boyfriends feature. I know it terribly sad, but before you go into a state of depression don’t panic, will still have SEVEN whole days.

Today’s turn is the very nice Lisa, enjoy!

Lisa @leee_loves

When the lovely Victoria asked me who my top 5 book boyfriends were I was stumped! FIVE?! You want me to pick only five of the utterly gorgeous men that live within the pages of my bookcase, the men I carry around with me on in my handbag everywhere I go? It can’t be done, can it?

 photo tumblr_mq3htxZmiA1s932uyo1_500.jpg

Well I have put a lot of thought into this and in no way whatsoever are these in order, I can’t compare my chosen men of books to one another as they are all utterly unique but these are 5 who I think are worthy of mentioning, some from recent reads going all the way to little teenage me crushing over teenage book boys. Here goes!

1 –

20130819-094954 AM.jpg

Name: Gideon Cross
Book: Cross Fire series by Sylvia Day
Oh my what can I say about Mr Cross to justify him being on my list? He’s a ridiculously handsome tall chiseled man who wears a suit, he is powerful and certainly has a way with words. Not forgetting the constant reminders throughout the crossfire series of what he can do to a woman, he is a definite book boyfriend! It’s an added bonus that he just so happens to be filthy rich.

20130819-095123 AM.jpg

Played by: Alexander Skarsgard
Although Gideon is described as having long brown hair throughout the books I would cast Alexander Skarsgard as my Mr Cross, I think he would fit the role perfectly and I love him!


20130819-095232 AM.jpg

Name: Cameron Macabe
Book: Down London Road by Samantha Young
Cam McCabe is the sexy male character found within the pages of Samanatha Youngs Down London Road who moves in next door to Jo. He’s charming, whitty and caring. Not forgetting he has a seriously toned body and loves martial arts. So he can protect you if anyone ever broke in.

20130819-095350 AM.jpg

Played by: Ryan Gosling

I think Ryan Gosling would make a great cam, firstly because I would love Ryan Gosling as my next door neighbor/knight in shining armor. His seriously good looks may have influenced this choice, okay they were the deciding factor!


20130819-095528 AM.jpg

Name: Billy Buskin
Book: Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher
This is one character who I haven’t chosen based solely on the super sexy character description within the book, although a super handsome heart-throb Billy is a sweet down to earth and funny man. His charm is enough to swoon anyone.

20130819-095557 AM.jpg

Played By: Alex Pettyfr
I was in two minds about my choice for Billy and would easily have said Zac Efron, he has that quiff and the broad smile. But after thinking about it I decided it would have to be Alex Pettyfer he has that British charm and doesn’t even look like he is trying!


20130819-095757 AM.jpg

Name: Cedric Diggory
Book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by JK Rowling

Cedric was described as a tall and extremely handsome young man with chiseled features and bright eyes. He played on the school sports team and was a tri-wizard champion. Loved by all the girls at schoo and thought to be “strong and silent” I definitely found myself swooning over Cedric when I was younger.

20130819-095840 AM.jpg

Played by:

I think this is one role I wouldn’t actually change from the casting in the existing film and I think a young Rob Pattinson did a good job at being the perfect Cedric,


20130819-100047 AM.jpg

Name: Robbie

Book: Angus Thongs & Full Frontal Snogging
I read these books back in 2003 when I was 13, Robbie is the teenage heartthrob. He had swishy long hair, blue piercing eyes and he was in a band! At 13 I don’t think I could have wanted anything more in a book boyfriend?

20130819-100109 AM.jpg

Played by: Ian somerhalder
I’d like to think Robbie has grown up now just as I have so I have cast him as an older man because well picking teenagers out for this would be a little awkward and although Aaron Johnson who plays him the film is old enough to make this list I think we could do a little better than that right?

Thank you so much to Lisa for taking part. Tomorrow it’s the turn of Catriona.


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