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My Book Boyfriend by Charlotte Foreman

Here today we have Charlotte from BestChickLit. Who I have been lucky enough to meet in real life too, which resulted in howling laughter. Enjoy!

When Victoria put out a Tweet asking for other book bloggers to get involved in a little man candy action, both real and fictional, I was sold – frankly, she had me at the word ‘book.’ So without further ado, here are my top 5 book boyfriends:

Weighing in at number 5 is Hugo Beauchamp from Fiona Walker’s Well Groomed.

20130817-072612 AM.jpg

Hugo’s impossibly arrogant, rude, uptight and snobby (I realise I’m not really selling him here) but as soon as he begins to fall in love with scatty Tash and show a bit of chivalry, he makes me want to neigh like one of his beloved horses. There’s just something about the love of a good woman breaking through a man’s cold, contemptuous façade that sets my heart pumping.

In my head I imagine Hugo looking like Jake Gyllenhaal in a riding hat. Just a riding hat. I realise Jake is American and doesn’t really encapsulate the British toff that Hugo is, but the loins want what the loins want so what can I do? Plus he wraps his legs around a horse like a boss.

20130817-073312 AM.jpg

Micha Scott from NA novel The Secret of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen is my number 4.

20130817-073455 AM.jpg

Micha is a very intense. He is unashamedly certain of his feeling for Ella and has no qualms about making them known, which, to me, is a massive turn on. I mean, the dude spends 8 months trying to track down a girl who abandoned him on a bridge in the rain and disappeared without another word – that’s commitment, that’s a man in love, that is HOT. So Micha, why not put all that energy into tracking me down? I won’t hide; in fact, I’ll make it damn easy for you to find me.

I picture Micha looking like Ryan Reynolds. This is not because I think Ryan is a perfect representation of the character but simply because, as with Jake Gyllenhaal, this is who I want him to look like. And why wouldn’t I pick Ryan, just look at him . . .

20130817-073749 AM.jpg

Coming in at number 3 is Edward Cullen from the Twilight Saga – no groaning or eye rolling please! I know everyone has had their fill of vampires, werewolves and breathless, wallowing girls, aka Bella Swan, but just hear me out . . .

20130817-073902 AM.jpg

There is a reason the Twilight books were so successful: it’s the almost forceful nature of their forbidden love for each other that kept me hooked, along with millions of other fans. The fact that, now that they’ve found each other, their lives are irrevocably (yes, I did steal that word from the film/book) changed and they’re willing to protect one another at all costs. I love that. I want that, albeit without the fangs.

I’m going to be boring here and keep Edward as Robert Pattinson. Purely because he gives me naughty thoughts.

20130817-074341 AM.jpg

A very close number 2 goes to Travis ‘Mad Dog’ Maddox from Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire.

20130817-074517 AM.jpg

The majority of women fantasise about taming a bad boy and Travis is the ultimate prize. His growing feelings for Abby drive him crazy as he struggles to control himself and the tension that builds between them is exciting and addictive – I, along with most other women on the planet, need me some of that! I like the thought of a man loving me to the point of recklessness, being moody and possessive when jealous and wanting to be near me all the time.

Travis’s character easily induces weak-knee-syndrome but put Channing Tatum’s face on him and I’m on the floor. Not usually one to brag, I reckon you won’t find a more perfect fit for Travis than old Channing.

20130817-074959 AM.jpg

The highly coveted number 1 spot goes to Felix Sullivan from my all time favourite book Kiss Chase by Fiona Walker.

20130817-075215 AM.jpg

Felix is a complete terror, horrible to women and completely unaffected by the heartbreak he causes. But then he’s tricked into falling in love, becomes vulnerable and, as a result, you’re treated to the ‘real’ Felix, who of course is ah-mazing. My favourite part of the book is when Felix walks into a bar, turning every woman’s head as he passes while Fever by Peggy Lee pumps through the speakers – it’s just such an apt scene.

Now, I may have a little trouble concentrating as I talk about Zac Efron – he makes me want to type all kinds of expletives. A few of you may already know that I hold a very serious torch for the 17 Again star, and, yes, cougar references have been made (I’m looking at you Victoria Stone), but I don’t care. He may be a man-boy but he makes me pant, and I can’t think of anyone else more suited to the role of Felix . . . or being my boy-toy.

20130817-075556 AM.jpg

Thanks for having me Victoria!

Charlotte xx


Thank you so much for taking part Charlotte. Tomorrow we have Anna, so don’t miss out!


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