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My Book Boyfriends by Kirsty Maclennan

Today it’s the turn of the very brilliant Kirsty who keeps me in a daily supply of Ryan Gosling, here is what Kirsty has to share;

When it comes to book boyfriends I find I’m free and easy, the fact that my imagination is allowed to run wild, means that I’m often found lusting after a character in a book.

And although Victoria set a tough challenge by asking me to narrow it down to 5, I think I may have finally done it!

So here goes, starting with number 5, I would like to introduce you to the men in my life/imagination:

5) Tom from Cupcakes at Carringtons by Alexandra Brown

Described as a vision with black curly hair and dark brown eyes. He is mysterious and charming, my head was all a tizz the moment he entered the story.
In my head I saw Taylor Kinney ditching Lady Gaga and running off with me, um I mean Georgie.

20130815-061005 AM.jpg

4) Mark from Revelry by Lucy Lord

I read the words, ‘All shaved head and bulging biceps’, Yes I am that shallow! But seriously as you read the story you learn that although Mark is cocky, he is there when people need him.
There is just something about this womaniser that won me over, maybe it’s because he doesn’t pretend to be something he isn’t.

20130815-061051 AM.jpg

3) Miles from Married by Christmas by Scarlett Bailey

Miles has tattoos, muscles and a charming personality, this man is a knight in inked armour, the way he looks after Anna in New York is so chivalrous.
And here is something, Miles is based on a real life person, this was confirmed by Twitter, so ladies live in hope, men like this aren’t just on paper.

20130815-061138 AM.jpg

Now my top 2 have been really tough to choose the order for, my heart wants them both as, these characters travel with me.

2) Nick from About A Girl by Lindsey Kelk

Nick is outspoken, he comes across as self assured and a bit of a bad boy and he is HOT!
When reading About a Girl, we are introduced to two guys, Nick and Charlie, I believe that this could divide the nation, the same way Edward and Jacob did.
But before everyone jumps in, my flag is waved for Team Nick!

20130815-061240 AM.jpg

1) Jacques from Winter Wonderland by Belinda Jones

In my review, I said ‘ Jacques. I need that man in my life.
For a man to be described as ‘not having a bad bone in his body’ means we are on to a winner. But then throw in gorgeous eyes, a rugged body and great personality its like winning the euro millions on a rollover week’
Nearly 9 months after reading this wonderful story, I still think back and recall the moment Jacques was introduced to me in print, I sadly am still waiting for the introduction in real life.

20130815-061336 AM.jpg

So there you have it, my top 5 book boyfriends.
Now does anyone know a spell to make them real? Maybe I should ask Harry Potter?

To get in contact or check out Kirsty’s blog here is how.

I heart books!
Twitter: kinks26

Thank you so much to Kirsty for taking part. Tomorrow it’s the turn of Jody.


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