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My Book Boyfriend by Sharon Sant

Today we have Sharon Sant a lady who appears on my blog a lot, that’s because I think she is brilliant. Here is what Sharon had to say…

When Victoria first mentioned this post to me, I was like, ‘yeah, that’s easy, I’ll have a go.’ But then I realised that I read an awful lot of YA. Now, there are a lot of attractive male characters in YA fiction, but before you reach for the phone to ring Child Line, let me just clarify that if I say that Harry Potter would be my book boyfriend, I’m looking forward to the man I imagine he would become, not saying I fancy the twelve year old in the first book! And, is it also really bad form to choose characters that you’ve created yourself, because I was sorely tempted. I think it might be, but then, if I can’t create my own ideal man, who can? The other thing is, I don’t always automatically go for looks, sometimes, it’s the character that will seduce me, so some of my book crushes can be a little strange and unexpected. So, with all that in mind, it turned out to be quite a difficult task to choose my five men. Anyway, here’s a list that I will almost certainly want to revise as I promptly think of loads others as soon as the file is emailed over to Victoria.

Peeta Mellark – The Hunger Games.

What was that about not choosing YA? I think Peeta might just be the right side of legal though! I mean, what’s not to love? I’m not going to get into the whole Peeta/ Gale debate, because in my mind there is no contest. Peeta offers his life to protect Katniss, the girl he has loved for years from afar. He can also bake. End of.

20130814-055212 AM.jpg

Marius Pontmercy – Les Miserables

I read this book after I had seen the musical at the West End. I was about eighteen at the time, and it’s quite possible that the reason I fell for Marius is that I really fancied the actor that played him in the musical! Whatever the reason, he deserves a place on my list as one of the most longstanding entries, if for nothing else. I’ve always had a soft spot for intellectual student types, and Marius is the ultimate student martyr and the ultimate 19th century romantic hero rolled into one – what more could you ask for?

20130814-055315 AM.jpg

Antonio Corelli – Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

Just as an aside – the film of this book – NO!

Corelli is another one of my based-on-character-not-hotness book crushes. I mean, he has such a beautiful lust for life and goes on this amazing journey and survives the war and never gives up on Pelagia…. Sigh.

20130814-055411 AM.jpg

Marco – The Night Circus

This book is still very fresh in my mind and I think that’s maybe why Marco has popped up on my list. But Morgenstern just makes him sound so romantic and dreamy, even though he is actually a complete git to *spoiler alert* the other woman, his love affair with Celia is just gorgeous. I just couldn’t resist casting Colin Morgan as Marco, especially from this photo shoot where he looks so right.’

20130814-055643 AM.jpg

Eragon – Eragon

Ok, so in the end, as a hero he turned out to be less exciting than a hunk of elvish bread, but in the very first Eragon book, he was just all kinds of right. So I exercise my right to be seriously pedantic about this and name Eragon as one of my book boyfriends, but only in the first book of the series when he’s growing up on the farm and finding out who he really is and then has that adorable crush on Arya and he’s all petulant and impulsive, riding off (on a dragon, no less!) to rescue her… Uh oh, but in the first book is he almost YA? I’m sure he’s like, eighteen or something…. *flicks through book to check*…

20130814-055841 AM.jpg

To get in touch with Sharon these are the links to twitter and her blog;

Thank you so much Sharon for taking part. Tomorrow we have Kirsty sharing her book boyfriends.

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