My Book Boyfriends Feature

My Book Boyfriend by Poppy Dolan

Today Poppy is sharing her book boyfriends with us, enjoy!

OK, here goes.

1) Dexter from One Day. He starts out as a total berk, gets a bit nicer, gets a lot worse, and then ends up as a very real, rounded and lovable character. He’s on my list because he feels like he could really step out of the pages at any moment and take you off for a great candlelit dinner in London. I think Ewan McGregor would make a lovely Dexter through the ages.

20130812-055427 AM.jpg

2) Valjean from Les Miserables. OK, so total truth here: I haven’t read the actual book, just wept over the movie on repeat with a massive bar of Galaxy to hand. BUT he is a book character first and foremost, so I say he counts. Noble, brave, with a dark side: yes please. And of course imagining him with Hugh Jackman’s looks doesn’t hurt…

20130812-055924 AM.jpg

3) Thom from The Wedding Diaries and The Baby Diaries. Thom has fallen in love with the very funny, unpredictable, some might say bordering on bonkers Kiki and thank goodness he has, because he’s the only man for the job. He’s calm, sensible, always patient and kind – I think I like him so much because it’s reassuring to know someone can handle this much energy in one woman, and I related to Kiki a lot so I have taken this to mean I’m not a complete nightmare to be with! I picture him as a cross between Mark Ruffalo and the comedian David Mitchell. I don’t know why either, I just do. Go with it, it’s quite a pleasing mix.

20130812-060310 AM.jpg

4) Rupert Campbell-Black from Riders and others. Yes, I know: he will break my heart. Probably withing 4.27 minutes. But wouldn’t it just be worth it? He’s such a scandalaous cad, a dog, a filthy ladies’ man but he at least makes no bones about it – what you see is what you get. I think Michael Fassbender would make a SERIOUSLY saucy Rupert.

20130812-060732 AM.jpg

5) Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. I won’t be the first to say it, or the last, but I did have to toss up whether I’d choose Darcy from P&P or Darcy from Bridget Jones. And I will admit it’s Pemberley that tipped the balance. Who would play him? I won’t insult your intelligence by stating the obvious…

20130812-061218 AM.jpg

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Thank you Poppy for taking part I really appreciate it. Ladies, yes there is still more to come. Tomorrow we have lovely Kevin taking part.


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