My Book Boyfriends Feature

My book boyfriend by Megan Wood

Today it is the very lovely Megan’s turn to share her book boyfriends with us.

So when the lovely Victoria asked who would be interested in talking about book boyfriends, I was eager to participate! I LOVE a good romance, especially if the man involved has attractive qualities! The only downside was that we were given a limit of five. That’s fine, surely I can cope with that? I’ll just pick my favourites! So I sat down in front of my books thinking that I’d make a few notes on who to pick and after a while (over 20 names later…) I came to the realisation that I fancied practically every man on my bookshelf (Don’t tell my husband!)
So after much deliberation, here is my top five.

Henry DeTamble (The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger)
Those of you who haven’t read The Time Traveler’s Wife are missing out – it’s one of my favourite books of all time and the love story is exceptional. Henry isn’t the perfect man, he has his own personal problems and flaws, not to mention his unreliability, but that is what makes Henry so attractive as a character, you just can’t help but fall in love with his vulnerability, raw emotions and his personality. I fell in love with Henry from the first moment, and I suppose one of his attractive qualities is actually his time-travelling. As much as I would hate that he was away from me for days or even sometimes weeks and I would have to wait for him, not knowing where he was, I’d take some comfort in the fact that in some of those moments he was actually travelling back in time to visit me as a younger girl. I think it would be exciting and wonderful to grow up having visits from Henry throughout my life, and to know him my whole life.
So for Henry I’ve chosen Tom Hardy because he is ever so beautiful and I think he would have been a fantastic Henry.

20130810-053617 AM.jpg

Captain Nico Noordholt (The Gilded Fan by Christina Courtenay)
This is a surprising one because Nico is a man that grows on you as you progress through the story. I think what I first liked about him was that he was a Captain of a ship…that definitely sounds attractive! And then as I read on he was charming, handsome and protective too! I do wish he was available in real life, I’d love to sail with him! Nico had a subtle way about him when it came to romance, it was all about the words that were said or a lingering look!
So picture wise I’ve chosen another Captain…if any of you watch Once Upon A Time then the man who plays Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) is very dashing!

20130810-054125 AM.jpg

Gerry Kennedy (PS. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern)
Obviously this story needs no explanation, and in my opinion it’s one of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever read in my life, I actually own three copies of this book because I love it so much! I LOVE Gerry Kennedy – he is handsome, charming, cheeky and funny…he is literally the perfect man! And most of all, he knows how to show his feelings! He could tell someone that he loved them with so much emotion, and his letter writing – I fell in love with Gerry on his letter writing alone. Never has a piece of writing moved me so much! I love a man who can express emotions properly and has a way with words, and Gerry’s letters were perfect!
Picture wise I think they cast Gerard Butler perfectly as Gerry and so I’ve gone for him!

20130810-054421 AM.jpg

Sam (I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella)
I’ve Got Your Number got some mixed reviews but I absolutely LOVED it. I absolutely LOVE a man who can make me laugh and smile, and Sam in particular had my cheeks hurting because I was smiling so much. In the story, we don’t see a lot of Sam in person, but rather through the text messages that he sends. And I fell in love with the way he wrote, his humour and his funny lines. He’s sweet but kinda handsome and sexy at the same time, especially nearer towards the end. He can text me anytime 😉
For Sam’s picture I’ve chosen Josh Dallas, he’s quite charming and handsome!

20130810-054846 AM.jpg

Ivan (If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern)
I just need to say quickly, there’s one thing I don’t understand and it is how on earth this book does not get more credit?! It’s known to be one of the books that Cecelia’s fans like the least, but how on earth do others not like it? It is truly incredible! If you haven’t read it then please do! This takes me onto Ivan, he’s the type of book boyfriend that you’d have a blast with, the type that would take you for a drive at night with the music blaring, that would chase you on the beach and give you a piggyback and literally make your world come alive, and that’s what I love so much about Ivan. As a character he’s fun, he has a fantastic imagination and I know I’d have a great day out with him!
For Ivan I’ve chosen Barry Sloane.

20130810-055350 AM.jpg

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Thank you so much for taking part Megan. Tomorrow it is the turn of Laura. Stay tuned!


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