My Book Boyfriends Feature

My Book Boyfriend by Rosie Blake

Today we have Rosie giving us her top five men to drool over. Enjoy!

5. Mr Darcy – Bridget Jones by Helen Fielding – oh I know, I’m sorry OK, I tried not to include him I really did but there is something wonderfully compelling about a man who is this hot-shot lawyer who should be a complete yawn but who drops everything to get his woman out of a Thai jail and is gentle, warm and loves deeply. He also sounds like a man who would deal with ALL the paperwork in your life and that appeals too. No more tax returns, no more car insurance forms – he’s taken care of it!

20130809-090708 AM.jpg

4. Sam – A Passionate Love Affair with a Total Stranger by Lucy Robinson – You need your boyfriend to be your best mate and for me Sam was just that. He loves our heroine despite the ugly and that is what every girl needs in her life, a man who knows her but still thinks she’s completely marvellous anyway!

20130809-090742 AM.jpg

3. Ryan – The First Last Kiss by Ali Harris – forgive me if I break down in tears writing this one. Ryan is a gorgeous male character and FANTASTIC boyfriend material. He is a home boy at heart who can cook up a storm and tend to your domestic needs – I love a man who has his priorities right so… Gimme.

20130809-090812 AM.jpg

2. Danny Wallace – Yes Man by Danny Wallace – who doesn’t love a man who would fly across the world for them? I love me a bit of positivity so I adored the optimistic, can-do attitude coupled with the dead-pan humour of Danny in this book. He is a real person in the actual world though with a wife and child so this feels wrong, so I shall leave things there…

20130809-090845 AM.jpg

1. Rupert Campbell-Black – Riders by Jilly Cooper – Punchy start you’re thinking, OK LET ME EXPLAIN – now I understand fidelity might be an issue but in this scenario I am Taggie (all cloudy hair, startled-deer expression, soft voice, can cook) and women are throwing themselves at him but he just doesn’t care. He’s witty, confident, sexy as hell and well I WANT TO GO OUT WITH HIM OK!

20130809-090915 AM.jpg

Visit Rosie on Twitter @RosieBBooks

Thank you so much to Rosie for taking part, fear not ladies for tomorrow we have lovely Megan Sharing her boys with us.


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