Children's Book Reviews

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen

20130808-062954 PM.jpg

Tonight was finally my turn to pick a story. So I went with the absolute classic that is, We’re Going On A Bear Hunt.

I remember being in school and being read this as a child, I then remember reading it to my young sister, and I now finally have the chance to read it to my children.

The absolute joy it brings them to act it out as we read it and the laughter it causes is magical.

I think what is most magical for me personally is my little girl who is 3 soon has literally had no interest in talking and mumbles lots. But reading this book often has had her joining in, and getting her more interested in expressing herself through words.

The repetitive language is fantastic for younger children and you can almost sing the book.

The book is about a family going on a bear hunt (shock! It’s all in the title). They come across lots of obstacles, but eventually come across a deep dark cave.

It’s one of those books that will live on and on, being enjoyed by every generation as its passed down or picked up by another curious reader.

I cannot recommend this enough.

Here is the link for to order a copy;

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