My Book Boyfriends Feature

My Book Boyfriend by Kirsty GreenWood

Today it’s the turn of the brilliant Kirsty Greenwood to tell us all about her book boyfriends. Enjoy….

5. Sherlock from Complete Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Being played by Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey Jr or, er Nicholas Rowe (who I had such a crush on in Young Sherlock Holmes) does not harm the cause. But mostly I love Sherlock because he is charismatic and extremely clever, if a little obnoxious. Just imagine the banter you would have with Holmes… And you would get to detect shit together and maybe borrow his deerstalker hat when he is asleep. But then he would discover that you had borrowed his deerstalker hat because he is so smart and you would have a right laugh about that. And then you would have sex. And I reckon Sherlock Holmes would be very clever at that too. Especially is he really did look like RDJ.

20130807-063021 AM.jpg

4. Riley from Yours Truly by, er, me
Is it a bit icky that I chose one of my own characters? I’m sorry! But some parts of Riley’s personalilty are based on my real life boyfriend so it would be wrong not to include him. And I really did fancy Riley like mad as I was writing him. I like a bloke who isn’t afraid to make a fool of himself to get a girl laughing and Riley is just that! Plus, he looks a bit like a viking.

20130807-062524 AM.jpg

3. Daniel Cleaver from Bridget Jones
I would totally have a fling with Daniel Cleaver – you did say boyfriend and not husband, in which case I would clearly choose Mark Darcy. I do love a cad, though, and Daniel Cleaver is up there with the best of them. After the film, I can’t help but picture him as a smirking Hugh Grant.

20130807-062353 AM.jpg

2. Felix Sylvian from Kiss Chase by Fiona Walker.
Fiona Walker describes Felix Sylvian best when she says: Felix Sylvian looks like the Angel Gabriel in a sulk and is as irresistible to women as melted chocolate on a ripe strawberry. But he has one nasty habit he can’t seem to break: a sadistic tendency to ride rough-shod over any girl foolish enough to fall for him.
Felix Sylvian is a tortured soul – mean and haughty and with serious mummy issues. But he’s also witty and and sexy and dramatic and poetic. In real life I’m sure I couldn’t abide him for more than a couple of weeks. But in this book, I dote on him. HE JUST NEEDS TO FIND THE RIGHT WOMAN, which, of course, he does in Phoebe. In my head he looks like Benedict Cumberbatch.

20130807-061847 AM.jpg

1. Nathanial from The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella.
Nathanial is so chilled and homely and struts around the garden with his top off. He’s my favourite of all Sophie Kinsella’s leading men. That scene in the orchard? Hubba hubba. In my head he looks a bit like Gerard Butler.

20130807-063658 AM.jpg

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A huge thank you for Kirsty taking part and somehow finding it within her to think about lots of men. It can’t of been easy.

Keep watch bookworms/hot men lovers, as taking over the blog will be Karli Perrin.


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