My Book Boyfriends Feature

My Book Boyfriends

So I somewhat like an absolute genius decided that I MUST have a “book boyfriend feature” on the blog. Lets face it ladies we all have probably hundreds. (Just me?).

Any excuse to have pictures of half naked men, I decided to ask some friends to help with writing about their favourites. (Oh yes, I’m dragging this on for as long as humanly possible)

But then, well very stupidly I decided that we should write about our top five, yes I know, that was very stupid. How could you possibly chose only five, lets face it, they are the most perfect men, the men of our dreams. (Oi! I didn’t write them, blame the authors!)

So after sending out the tweet asking for help, I had LOTS of replies asking to join in, honestly mention pictures of half naked men and women will flock!
So I shall be kicking off today, and once a day for the next few weeks someone else shall take the spotlight.

5. In joint 5th (I’m completely cheating because I honestly just couldn’t decide who I liked more) is Nathaniel from Sophie Kinsella’s The Undomestic Goddess and Riley from Kirsty Greenwood’s Yours Truly.

Why Nathaniel? His a gardener who is tanned and constantly without a top! Who doesn’t dream of wandering into the garden to find a hunk pruning the bushes, (oi! minds out the gutter please) sweat glistening off his back, to then take you in the garden shed and give you what for? (Just me again?).
Nathaniel is down to earth, easy going, likeable and half naked. This is why he is in at number five. I can only imagine the beautiful Gosling playing him with his hair, tan, abs and arms.

20130805-061120 AM.jpg

Also in at five is Riley, why? Well his a huge hunk of yumminess! He runs a pub and he is the chef also. I love the idea of a man who can cook so I’m instantly sold. Also he is funny, I ADORE funny men. What I also love about Riley is his kindness he really is the perfect package. I really struggled to think of who I imagined him to be, when it suddenly hit me that it would be Liam Hemsworth. His big, broad and oh my look at the stubble.

20130805-061202 AM.jpg

4. Joint fourth, (yes I cheated again, but you have to realise how hard this was!) Is Noah from Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook and Isaac from Karli Perrin’s April Showers.

Why Noah? (It helps that the Gosling played him in the movie, I cannot lie!) but this is a man who reads about the love of his life, to his wife in the hope she will one day remember him once again. (Heart clutching moment and sigh about here please!)
He sees Allie and he knows exactly what he wants, working his charm until she agrees to go on and date with him. Teenagers in love, torn apart, he NEVER stops loving her. WHO DOESN’T FIND THIS HEART BREAKING AND CUTE?!

Here are some of my favourite Noah quotes;

“I wrote you 365 letters, I wrote you every day for a year. It wasn’t over, it still isn’t over” (this is said in the pouring rain whilst wearing a white shirt! I KNOW!)

“There is nobody else for me and I don’t want anybody else.”

Of course there is only one person who could ever play Noah……

20130805-061252 AM.jpg

Now onto why Isaac managed to grab joint fourth. GOD what can I say?
His a professor, we all love a man who could teach you a thing or two, and his in a suit and tie, hot right? Well this one wears a white shirt and rolls the sleeves up to his elbows. That’s right ladies swoon away! Even though April tries to stop anything happening with Isaac he refuses to give up and even resorts to kidnapping her. (I wouldn’t mind being thrown I’ve his white shirt clad shoulder!)

My favourite Isaac quote is;

‘He took my hand and held it against his chest “feel that? It beats for you.”‘ SERIOUSLY? I’m weak at the knees!

I can only imagine the beautiful Henry Cavill playing Isaac, why? LOOK AT HIM IN THAT SUIT! He isn’t wearing the suit, the suit his wearing him.

20130805-061344 AM.jpg

3. Third place goes to the deeply dark and delicious Gideon Cross. Yes ladies that is correct. Ok, he may have “issues” BUT he is a SEX GOD! Oh that’s right, lucky, lucky Eva. He has the body of a god (a bit like my gosling who had abs hand made by Angels) and he is possibly so romantic he will make you weep.

My favourite lines from Gideon are these;

“I’d stop the world spinning for you Angel.”

“I’m obsessed with you Angel. Addicted to you. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted or needed, everything I’ve dreamed of. You’re everything. I live and breathe for you.”
Did you have to pick yourself up from the floor too?

I struggled with who I wanted as Gideon. It was close for Henry Cavill again but I went for the equally gorgeous David Gandy, who you will agree is rather tasty.

20130805-061429 AM.jpg

2. Second was quite easy for me. I loved him in Beautiful Disaster and fell in love with him in Walking Disaster, HARD! Travis, oh Travis, his big, muscular, angry, protective, manly and loves hard.

I’m not one for fighters but I REALLY enjoyed the fact Travis was a fighter. I loved how hard he loved Abby and how desperate he was to get Abby to love him back. He literally fought his way into her life. He was over protective and aggressive but that made me love him more.

My favourite quotes of Travis’ were;

“A toast to Douchbags! And to girls that break your heart. And to the absolute fucking horror of losing you’re best friend because you were stupid enough to fall in love with her.”

“I knew the second I met you that there was something about you I needed. Turns out, it wasn’t something about you at all, it was just you.”

The only person who could ever be Travis for me is Tom Hardy. Period.

20130805-061527 AM.jpg

1. And at number one is someone who I’ve loved from the very beginning Ben, from Paige Toon’s Pictures of Lily.
Why? Because, ugh, he is just perfect. He has no dark side, no hidden life, no aggression, he isn’t arrogant or cocky. He is just good and honest and falls for a young girl he can’t have. Also a massive animal lover, who doesn’t love an animal lover?

Rather than let his feelings for Lily overtake him, he continues with his plans to move away with his fiancé and leave teenager Lily behind. (God that was horrific)

But, years later by complete chance Ben and Lily cross paths and they are back to all those years ago. Ben adores Lily and is kind, caring, considerate and encourages Lily to follow her heart. He encourages Lily to be herself and he loves her for it. Isn’t that what we all want? Plus his the older man, who doesn’t love an older man?

The only person who could eve play Ben is the delectable Gosling (again! I know it’s as if I’m obsessed.) its the blonde hair and their love of animals that makes Ryan the only one able to be Ben.

20130805-061629 AM.jpg

I really hope you have all enjoyed my feature and the pictures. Up tomorrow Laura Lovelock will be sharing her top five book boyfriends with you all so stay tuned.


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