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Down London Road by Samantha Young

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‘Johanna Walker knows what she wants.

And that’s a strong, steady, financially secure man who will treat her well and look after her and her little brother, Cole – something her parents have never done.

But when she meets gorgeous Cameron MacCabe, a new bartender at work, Jo can’t ignore the instant and undeniable attraction she feels. Can doesn’t fit into her strict specifications for the perfect partner at all – but for once she is tempted to let her heart rule her head.

And as their intense connection grows, Jo has to stop hiding the truth about herself and her family. Is Cam prepared to accept Jo for who she really is? And is Jo willing to let someone into her life for keeps?’

After reading On Dublin Street I had people yelling at me I must read Down London Road. So I listened to these adamant bookworms and got straight to it……… Ahhhh I cannot tell you how much I loved this book. I couldn’t get enough.

What I loved most was the fact Braden (swoon) and Joss still played a massive role within the book. It was so much fun to know how they were getting on after On Dublin Street.

This book however is told from Jo’s voice (she works in a bar with Joss) and she is known for going from rich man to rich man, selling what they bought her for cash when they broke up with her. She had a reputation and she didn’t care, because she only done this for Cole, her teenage brother. Single handedly bringing him up and being his mum, because their own mum was a bedridden alcoholic and their father was in prison. Doing two jobs in order to get buy and save for Cole to go to Uni, Jo was happy to be the perfect girlfriend and not be herself.

Whilst out with her current squeeze Malcolm, she comes across Cam. (Sigh) Cam was tattooed and big, the electricity between them was instant. But he looked at her disgusted, judging her for being with Malcolm. (I hated him about now.).

Cam’s girlfriend lets slip he is looking for a job, any job, which Jo then offers to pass on his number to her boss. Even though doesn’t believe she will do it she does, and this is how they come to work with each other.

You could feel the sexual tension between them pouring from the pages. He was the polar opposite of what Jo ever went for, yet the instant attraction was undeniable.

Throughout the book I wanted to repeatedly smack Cam around the head with a baseball bat (too much? Maybe!) he was cocky, assuming and arrogant, I normally love this in my book boyfriends but I didn’t in Cam, maybe because of what Jo was hiding from everyone.

Jo has had to grow up with her abusive dad beating her and her mums constant bile spilling from her mouth at Jo, she has also spent her entire life protecting Cole from all of this and she fights fiercely for him. I loved Jo from the very start, she was strong, brave and super protective.

When Jo and Cole finally get together his behaviour irritates the life out of me more so. Maybe because we saw it from Jo’s side that is why. But eventually he warms my heart and I fell a little in love with him.

A gripping and compelling read full of lust, love and heartbreak. A read that had me turning the pages in apprehension and anticipation.

Also the steamy scenes had me cooling myself down, boy did Cam change my mind during some of those!

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