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One by One by Chris Carter

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“I need your help, detective… Fire or water?”

Detective Robert Hunter of the LAPD’s Homicide Special Section receives an anonymous call asking him to go to a specific web address – a private broadcast. Hunter logs on and a show devised for his eyes only immediately begins.

But the caller doesn’t want Detective Hunter to just watch, he wants him to participate, and refusal is not an option. Forced to make a sickening choice, Hunter must sit and watch as an unidentified victim is tortured and murdered live over the Internet.

The LAPD, together with the FBI, use everything at their disposal to electronically trace the transmission, but this killer is no amateur, and he has covered his tracks from start to finish. And before Hunter and his partner Garcia are even able to get their investigation going, Hunter receives a new phone call.

A new website address. A new victim. But this time the killer has upgraded his game into a live murder reality show, where anyone can cast the deciding vote.’

I was asked if I would like to review this by Jamie at Simon and Schuster, after reading the Synopsis I instantly wanted to get my hands on a copy. So thank you for allowing me the opportunity to read this.

This is fifth book in the Detective Hunter series and its the first book I have ever read of Chris Carter’s, within two pages I had tracked down the first four in the series and bought them. The book grabbed me that quick, I knew I would HAVE to read the others.

Hunter gets a phone call and the caller gives him a web address to find. As soon as the page loads we are told of a man in a box tied up unable to move. The caller says “I guess I have your full attention now”
Well he certainly had mine also.

Whilst Hunter has people desperately trying to trace the caller, he is given the horrific choice of choosing the victims death, either he drowns or is burned alive. Deciding on water the tank slowly starts to fill up, everyone is frantic, they are about to watch a man die. They cannot trace the caller, they are powerless to stop him.

I would love to tell you exactly how he dies but the shocks should really come from reading it yourself.

The second victim’s fate is then left in the hands of the public, they get to choose between being buried or eaten alive, and they are still no closer to tracing the caller.

Whoever is committing these atrocious crimes is clever, very clever. He knows how to use computers and can stop the FBI from finding anything out about him or even tracing him.

The whole story builds and builds to a very climatic ending that doesn’t disappoint in the slightest.

This book was excruciatingly gruesome and painful to read. The way Carter describes the crimes has you feeling the victims pain as if it was your own. If it was a film I would of hidden behind the sofa!

It’s not often a book will scare me so much that I will check behind the curtains before I turn the lights off. This will haunt my dreams for months, absolutely bone chilling.

One by One is the best book of its genre that I have read for years!

One by One is out August 15th and is available to pre-order now, I highly suggest you do! But maybe keep the lights on.

One by One


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