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Question Time with Author Rebecca Jane

So after reading and reviewing The Real Lady Detective Agency yesterday, I just had to ask Rebecca some questions. To which she very kindly agreed. So here is what she had to say.

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1. What made you decide to write The Real Lady Detective Agency?

It seemed a natural idea. My job isn’t normal … I’m not normal … My management figured someone somewhere may want to hear about it! My agents words to me were: ‘Rebecca, write me a bit of something and let’s see what happens’. To then have it in the best sellers in under a year was the stuff fairy tales are made of!

2. Was it hard to write down what you had gone through with your ex?

Occasionally! It often made me feel like I was reliving it, and to ever be back in the situation is what my nightmares are made of. It wasn’t fun at times, but I’d cry and crack on… Life motto!!!!

3. I know the names you used for clients were obviously made up, but did you have to get permission to use the stories? If so did they read what you wrote and what did they think?

Pretty much. I’m lucky not to have received any negative comments. They think I’ve accurately portrayed their story, without compromising their lives now – they’ve all moved on in various ways I’m happy to say.

4. What did you edit out if the book?

More of my personal story… Specifically John & James. At times I went too into detail, it just wasn’t necessary.
They both shaped me into the person I have become. James made me tough and made me grow up very fast. John taught me how to be happy, live the life I wanted & got me through the worst period of my life. That’s the basic outline and I didn’t want to detract from that message by getting caught up in the bad times. The book is a mild version of what happened.

5. What was your process for writing?

Zero! I’m not a writer! I’m a detective bird who threw some words on paper and it worked!
I wrote when I wanted to. If I wasn’t in the mood, there was no chance. Ben plays a RIDICULOUS amount of cricket (5 different teams to be exact!!!!) and I refuse to ever miss a game he’s in. Majority of the book HAD to be written in cricket clubs from old Trafford to great harwood…. His team mates just saw me furiously tapping away at a computer and never really knew why!
All in all I wrote the whole thing in around 25 days split over 5 months.

6. Have you ever had one of the clients being followed etc find out and then come to you annoyed?

Haaaaaa! Yes! We get hate mail alright – I got one this week! The people who’ve been caught need somewhere to vent anger, and that’s usually at us!

When I wake up and give a damn, ill let them know…. If you’re doing something you don’t want to be found out about, you probably shouldn’t be doing it!

7. The book is going to become a drama series, which is very exciting. Are you nervous? And will you have much input?

Beyond excited!! I’m a consultant on the series so I get as much of a say as anyone gets in these things!
We took our fabulous writer (revealed soon) out on a job recently and she fits in very well. We keep threatening to fake tan her, one day we’ll succeed.

8. If you could choose any actress to play you who would you choose and why?

I’ve said I want Tom Lister (Carl King from Emmerdale) to play Ben and given a few suggestions who I want for me, but as long as she doesn’t turn into a home wrecking cow by series 4 I’m happy whoever it is!!!

9. I know that book two has been started. Is there anything you could maybe tell us about it?

Book two is half way done now… I’ve been rather secretive about it! When it was national give blood week I released a chapter from it… If you read it you’ll see why:!the-day-a-stranger-saved-my-life/cbu

10.Now that you have written a book and are in the process of writing book two, would you ever consider writing fiction?

That’s a tough call! I’d love to, but I don’t think my talents stretch that far. Fiction is a work of art… Non fiction is putting words on paper. Ill give it some more thought ha!

To read my review click here;
”Official best selling book’…The Real Lady Detective Agency’ out to buy now!

Thank you so much to Rebecca for allowing me to question her.


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