2013 Book Reviews

The Real Lady Detective Agency (A True Story) by Rebecca Jane

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‘Trailing errant husbands through the streets of London, following suspected cheats on stag parties, trekking through muddy fields on wild goose chases and attending parties with diamond dealers…. It’s all in a day’s work for Rebecca Jane.

Rebecca is a girl on a mission: to uncover the truth. That’s why she runs The Lady Detective Agency, a private investigation firm for real people with real problems. Anyone who has been lied to, cheated on, duped or double-crossed – look no further she is on the case.’

I received this book from Rebecca herself, after asking for recommendations, Rebecca got in touch and asked wether I would like hers. Now I don’t often read true stories (I have, and I found some belters, but also appalling ones) so after googling the book something caught me and intrigued me so I had to say yes.

So what got me hooked? Well when I read that this book was based on true stories that Rebecca had gone through with her Lady Detective Agency, I couldn’t wait to find out more, who wouldn’t love to know all about the reasons people hire them.

The requests that Rebecca got…. Well some angered me, some made me feel incredibly sorry for the people involved and others completely baffled me. That one would be about a ferret, oh no, you heard right, a ferret.

Rebecca started her Detective Agency after her ex husband treated her incredibly dreadful, I actually found this really sad. This wasn’t a made up story with the arsehole (sorry mum) husband getting up to no good, this was a real girl, married and pregnant, alone and terribly sad. It’s hard to enjoy something knowing it really happened.

But when you get passed the horrible parts Rebecca went through, that’s when you want to give her a squeeze and say good for you. Because instead of moping around she used a bad experience and turned it into a career for not only her, but her daughters future also.

The ‘voice’ of the book (Rebecca’s) was absolutely spot on. When the ‘voice’ of a book is good, all bookworms go into book heaven. There is nothing better.

Rather than being a Detective Agency that squeezes money out of their clients like most, Rebecca and her girls genuinely care, maybe sometimes too much. Which makes them even more endearing.

I loved the parts where Rebecca had her ringtone set to things like Mission Impossible and Murder She Wrote. This is my kind of girl.

My most favourite part though, apart from all the high heels, car chases, disguises and Chinese deliveries to cars was Rebecca finding Ben. If he was made up I would certainly add him to my pile of book boyfriends! (But because his real I’m not sure Rebecca would want me lusting over him).

The final chapter had me weeping like a big girl! I won’t tell you, because I think it’s always better to discover for yourself.

I would love for another book, it was brutally honest sharing not only all the successful cases but also the cases where they lost clients or each other. Also the highs and lows that Rebecca experienced herself were painfully real making you want to throw an arm round her or punch her ex on the nose.

I absolutely loved Rebecca’s story and her writing style. I think she could easily turn to writing for a career instead. I want more!

For your own copy and I highly recommend it;


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