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The Mistake by Emma Louise Dagnall

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‘It was love at first sight when they met at University, but when a secret unfolds on their wedding day, there is only one family member to blame…..

When Nina meets Thomas, she knows that he is everything that she could ever wish for in a partner. He is Kind, handsome, charming and career driven.

When Daniel the older brother of Thomas comes into the picture, will a family betrayal tear the brothers apart?’

So this is Emma’s first self published novel, after hearing Emma talk about it on twitter, my friend Laura reviewed it then offered to send it to me to read.

When I read the blurb I instantly thought this was exactly my type of book. So I looked forward to reading it, although I don’t often read short stories, this intrigued me.

The concept of this book was brilliant. A wedding, a bride, a groom, a brother, a love triangle. Unfortunately I didn’t feel it was executed well enough.

Maybe it was because it was a short story. I think had this been a longer book it could of gone into more detail, and we could of got to know the characters better.

Also unfortunately throughout the book there were some sentences that didn’t really make sense. So I found myself having to go back on myself and re-read parts. The grammar was a slight issue with too many full stops that stopped the book from flowing as easily as it should of.

Other than that like I said I really liked the idea of the story, it’s such a shame that it wasn’t executed as well as it should and could of been.

But all because I have found a few faults with it and found it quite poorly proof read and edited doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give it a try, as I always say reading is a matter of opinion.

Also lets not forget that this is Emma’s first novel, and it really takes a lot of courage for someone to put their heart and soul into words and then send that out to be read by others. So I applaud her for taking such a brave step.


2 thoughts on “The Mistake by Emma Louise Dagnall

  1. The plot sounds good to me too. I don’t like short stories as they don’t have enough time to develop properly for me. The bigger the book, the better! I love your honest review though and hopefully the author can take the positives and learn from the negatives.

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