2013 Book Reviews

Wicked Wives by Anna-Lou Weatherley

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‘Playboy casino owner and serial gambler, Tom Black, leaves a trail of broken hearts behind him wherever he goes. So when he disappears, it’s no surprise that foul-play is suspected.

The finger of suspicion points to three women from his past; Eleanor the beautiful socialite with a dubious past, Loretta, the fame-seeking gold-digger, and Victoria, the glamorous, best selling author.

Bound together by one man and his mayhem, it’s not long before secrets begin to surface, forcing the three women to take the biggest gamble of all. But in the game of love there can only be one winner – and the winner takes it all….’

So I’m going to be completely honest, this is not normally the sort of book that I would necessarily read. BUT within a couple of pages I found myself completely immersed.

The story follows the characters different lives as they intwine with each other throughout the book, leaving you racing through to the end. The characters are fantastically written, they are complex with many intriguing layers.

We have Tom, who by all means I should of hated. He treated women badly, gambles all his money and was a massive tool….. BUT he had this vulnerability that had me wanting to hold him and make everything alright.

Eleanor happily married to Vinnie, was completely in love with Tom Black before he left her broken hearted. With a sordid past, Vinnie scooped in and rescued her, giving her the world.

Tess, Eleanor and Vinnie’s daughter, is desperate to grow up and live the party girl life. On a holiday to Ibiza, her whole world is tipped upside down and she is left feeling completely helpless and alone.

Victoria, oh god poor Victoria. Married to Lawrence, they lost their baby daughter to cot death. Still finding it impossible to come to terms with not only loosing her baby she now has to deal with the fact they will never fall pregnant again. But Victoria won’t give up….. What lengths will Victoria go to to make her dreams come true….

Lastly we have Loretta, plastic and desperate for fame, so desperate she will go to any length to get her face in the papers. With her husband dead and his fortune in her pockets, will money really buy her all she has ever wanted…

There were a few parts of this book that I really found hard to read, the crimes committed had me screwing my face up in discomfort. That made me read on even more though (from behind my pillow though).

This was a book full of secrets, sex, lies, money, infidelity, murder with some hope and love thrown in too.

I really enjoyed this so much more than I ever expected too, which I think is what every bookworm secretly wants. That one book that will surprise and grab you.

The ending…. I cannot tell you how much I ADORED the ending, although normally I would be screaming WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? I actually welled up and I was secretly pleased.

An outstanding read that I highly recommend.

Here is the link to grab yourself a copy;

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