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Question Time with Author Karli Perrin

Hello, so a while back I read a book called April Showers which I reviewed and absolutely couldn’t stop raving about, (I still can’t). So today I have an interview with the very lovely Karli Perrin where she talks all about April Showers.

To read my review here is the link;

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1. April Showers was self Published, what made you go down this route?

I’ve heard a lot of awesome things about self publishing and it just seemed the right choice for me. You can work at your own pace and are in total control of everything – writing, editing, cover design, marketing etc. I would love to be traditionally published too. I think it’s every authors dream to see their book in bookshops 🙂

2. Where did the inspiration for the story come from

I knew that I wanted to write a story based at University where I could explore the changes that somebody goes through. Not only does April leave her friends and family back home but she has to deal with a new home, new course, new friends and of course…new crushes 😉 The rest stemmed from there.

3. What is your writing process? Other than lots of ice lollies!

Yes, ice lollies have helped me a lot whilst writing book two haha! Writing book one was very organic, I let the ideas flow and didn’t write in chronological order at all. I wrote the rain scene pretty early on. Writing book two is different because I have learnt from my experiences with book one. I now write in chronological order and to be honest, I’m finding it much easier. It makes it clearer to see where the story is going.

4. You leave the story with the MOST frustrating ending EVER, what made you choose to tease us all like that?

But isn’t that part of why you love the book so much?! 😉 I chose to end it like that because I wanted the readers to have an emotional response. I have read some books which have left me desperate for the next one and in my mind, they’re the ones that stick with me. I also knew that I would be releasing book two this year so I wasn’t making my readers wait too long. I have so much story left to tell…

5. What did you edit out of April Showers?

To be honest, I didn’t edit that much out of it. Only a few scenes here and there. I did rewrite quite a few scenes though as the story changed as I was writing it.

6. When you aren’t writing what are you reading?

Everything! I am a huge book nerd! I’ve just finished reading Colleen Hoover’s books and they are totally amazing ❤

7. We can expect a second book to April Showers later in the year can you tell us anything about it?

I'm writing it at the moment and having so much fun! I love the plot. It's a sequel so it will follow on from what happened in April Showers and then go on to explore lots more. It will follow old and NEW characters 😉

8. Describe April Showers in 3 words;

Isaac, Isaac, Isaac. Haha! But really – Realistic, witty and fun.

9. What authors inspire you?

J.K.Rowling, Jamie McGuire, Colleen Hoover, Samantha Young, Abbi Glines to name but a few…

10. Before you go can you promise to put Isaac in lots of tight white shirts and can it rain A LOT? 😉

Haha yes, just for you!!

I'd like to thank Karli so much for taking the time out to answer my questions.

To grab your own copy of April Showers here is the link; (for 77p you can't argue that it's a absolute steal)

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