2013 Book Reviews

More Bitter Than Death by Camilla Grebe & Asa Traff

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‘In a Stockholm apartment, five-year-old Tilde watches from under the kitchen table as her mother is brutally kicked to death.

Meanwhile, in another part of town, psychotherapist Siri Bergman and her colleague Ania meet their new patients- a group of woman, all of whom are victims of domestic violence.

From Kattis, who was beaten by her boyfriend and lives under the constant threat of his return, to Malin, the promising young athlete who was attacked by a man she met online, and from Sofi, the tee anger abused by her stepfather, to Sirkka, an older woman who had a troubled marriage – each woman takes her turn to share her story in the safety of the sessions.’

Firstly i would like thank Jamie at Simon&Schuster for giving me this to review.


This was a truly interesting read, it was of a dark and emotive subject, a young girl watching her mother kicked to death and woman who suffer at the hands of men. It had me turning the pages with trepidation of what stories the patients of the group would share next.

I didn’t find the two main characters, Siri and Aina, particularly easy to warm to. Aina came across as prickly and judgemental towards Siri and Siri having had difficulties in her past was untrusting of her partner and closed off.

The book was a slow burner, in a good sense, it went steadily along and then hit you towards the end with twists and turns. The chapters were nice and short which I think makes for easy reading and the story kept me hanging on. I really enjoyed and found it fascinating.

What I really enjoyed about it was it wasn’t from the police side, like a lot of crime book are.

Here is the link for the book;


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