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Stuck by Oliver Jeffers

20130716-075955 PM.jpg

‘It all began when Floyd got his kite stuck in a tree…’

This book was given to Charlie and Sophie as a gift from a friend.

We instantly sat down to read this and me and Charlie were laughing so much that Charlie stopped breathing and fell off the sofa! (Seriously) he just found it absolutely hysterical. The more he laughed the more I laughed and so on.

This is a fun and very silly story about Floyd, whose kite gets stuck in a tree and the first thing he thinks of doing is throwing up his trainer.

As the story goes on it gets more ridiculous and had both my babies laughing along like goons.

What’s really very charming about this book is the drawings and the words are styled in the sense that a child has written and illustrated it rather than an adult.

I whole heartedly recommend this very silly tale.

The link for your own copy is right here;


4 thoughts on “Stuck by Oliver Jeffers

  1. It is fantastic that children can enjoy books. I have two adult kids. They like to read books. When they were young they were hungry for every book. Today they still tell me when they read funny or interesting parts of a book.

      1. I think they will always do because the world of books is an interesting and fantastic one.

  2. I read it by accident in a shop, and just loved it, as a child I always loved the zanier (sp) end of childrens books. And the illustrations are a visual feast 🙂

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