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My Book of the Month

Hello lovely friends, I hope you have all had a lovely June. So I have read lots of very lovely books this month, some I’ve been waiting for, for what feels like forever.

This is a list of my favourite ones then I will announce my BOOK OF THE MONTH (does deep movie trailer voice).

My favourite crime book this month, was one I waited for, for a year! It’s written by one of my most favourite authors, who I’ve followed since I was a teenager.
Waiting For Wednesday by Nicci French. It’s third in the Frieda Klein series and it didn’t disappoint at all.

20130630-061751 AM.jpg

Here is my review of the book;

My favourite New Adult book was a debut novel and an absolute corker!
I’ve not been a huge fan of New Adult as of yet but April Showers by Karli Perrin made me do a complete U-turn. It also left me reeling at the end and i’m now gagging for the next book.

20130630-061919 AM.jpg

Here is my review of the book;

My favourite Erotica book was Entwined In You by Sylvia Day, also the third in the series and a book i feel like I waited forever for! But it was easily worth the wait. The story of Gideon and Eva is very addictive and to know we still have more to come is very exciting!

20130630-062506 AM.jpg

Here is my review of the book;


I read this back in May but as it wasn’t released until June I decided to save it for June’s book of the month.
This is EAISLY one of the best books I’ve not only read this month but this year! I loved it so much it’s gone into my pile of books that isn’t allowed to be touched, shared or even looked at by a stranger.
Runners is by Sharon Sant and it’s such a brilliantly written novel. I can’t tell you how much I loved it.

20130630-063150 AM.jpg

Here is my review of the book;

So that’s my June round up, I can’t wait to see what July brings. Any books I should be reading? Let me know! X


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