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The Litigators by John Grisham

Today I have Stewart’s review of a book he recently read and wanted share.

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‘David Zinc has it all; Big firm, big salary, life in the fast lane.
Until the day he snaps and throws it all away.

Leaving the world of corporate law behind, he talks himself into a job with Finley & Figg. A self styled ’boutique’ firm with only two partners, Oscar Finley and Wally Figg are ambulance-chasing street lawyers who hustle for nickel-and-dime cases, dreaming of the big win.

For all of David’s law degree and five years in the top law firm in Chicago, he has never entered a court room, never helped a client who really needed a lawyer, never handled a gun.

All that is about to change.’

I’m going to start by being honest and admit I have read every book ever written by John Grisham and am thoroughly looking forward to the new release in October. I should also admit that aside from Grisham my book reading repertoire is very small, this is because I can’t find anything that grabs me quite like a Grisham novel so any suggestions would be welcome.

This book grabbed me from the very first paragraph, I think there is a character in the book that everyone can relate too, from David Zinc, who snaps in the elevator on the way to his desk and quits his job. The big law firm life is no longer for him so he does what the best of us do when we’ve had enough, gets drunk! Then there is the brilliant lunatic who takes risks and makes ridiculous decisions. (I think we can all think of someone like this)

David ends up at Finley and Figg trying to get a job whilst drunk on copious amounts of beer, bloody mary’s and Pearl Harbours. Due to David scaring a competitor away from a crash sight with a shard of sharp metal, Wally takes a shine to him and David gets a job.

The characters in this book are varied and delightful, at times Wally Figg had me laughing out loud on the train (which attracted some interesting looks). You can’t help but will David to succeed in a world he is uncomfortable in, he’s sheer desire to do well and loyalty to the people at Finley and Figg even though he changes he’s life without their help, just endears you too him even more. David is a decent lawyer in a world of halfwits and crooks.

The results of which are amazing!

Here is the link for the book:

Thank you Stewart for the review. Anyone who can recommend Stewart a book you think may interest him leave a comment he would appreciate it.


One thought on “The Litigators by John Grisham

  1. I’m the same. I’ve read all John Grisham’s books and can’t find anything that comes close in terms of legal thrillers. Also, can’t wait for the release of Sycamore Row in October 🙂

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