My Favourite Book Feature

My Favourite Book

So this week I have asked the most impossible question for all bookworms…. What is your favourite book?

Not wanting to struggle alone I asked some blogger friends to join in also and will be sharing a different post each day.

Now this question is dreaded by all bookworms because I can almost guarantee that we can think of 5 or 6 books off the top of our heads that will then escalate into 20/30!
There are SO many good books, how can you possibly choose just one?

Well I’ve tried my hardest to pick but as I have so many have decided to talk about the ones that I read more than twice a year.

20130617-072214 AM.jpg

And it’s easily the entire Harry Potter series, yes I’m 26, and supposedly an adult. But the way they are written is completely the work of a witch, because J K Rowling literally puts you under a spell and makes you fall in love with a make believe world. (Sorry potterheads it’s real really, it’s the muggles they don’t understand!)

I didn’t want to read these and actually refused. Then in September 2010 I read all 7 books in one week and fell completely in love. They are incredibly well written, and I think the magic behind them is LOVE. The books radiate love, with action, drama, heartbreak and death.

I really enjoy how the girls in the story are strong role models, and most of the time outshine the boys. Without Hermonie, Harry and Ron wouldn’t of made it out of book 1 bless them.
Rowling makes nerds cool, she made Hermonie someone for young girls to look up to.
She makes Neville, the butt of most jokes, become an absolute hero.
Luna, who comes across as slightly nutty, a valued friend.

That’s what set these books apart from the rest, it’s not the conventional ‘cool kids’ fighting to protect the wizard world, it’s the uncool kids, the underdogs.

The adults in the book were people to look up to. Dumbledore was one of my most favourite characters, he was intelligent, wise and didn’t mind a little rule breaking.
Mrs Weasley, was the mother that Harry missed out on. She took Harry on as another son and gave him the love and protection the Dursley’s failed to.
Sirius and Lupin, the same, they wanted Harry to to have a chance and be able to defend himself. They treated him as an equal to an extent.
I can’t write this without mentioning Hadgrid. He was a gentle giant, he absolutely adored Harry and Harry him.

And she made her villains the most awful kinds of evil. They were written perfectly, not to evil that they become silly, evil enough that they were unpredictable and terrifying.

What makes J K Rowling a genius, is she wasn’t afraid to kill off favourite characters. She was brave enough to do it and evoke strong reactions from fans. Which I think made then better, had she kept them alive, I can’t imagine they would be as good. (Cough cough Twilight!)

Rowling created characters that you genuinely cared for. Not just main characters but secondary characters too. Which is very clever and not many authors can pull off well.

She created an entire world that nearly all kids and most adults wish was real. They are stories that will be re-read for years to come and passed on to generations to come also.
They are so detailed and full of humor, as well as moments that have you crying so much you struggle to breath (yeah, that bit with Dobby!)

They were written for children, yet appeal to a much broader audience and have adults and kids alike enjoying the books.

Not only all of that they have some very valuable lessons within them. So I have some pictures of quotes from the book I think sum this up better than I could write down.

20130617-072725 AM.jpg

20130617-072814 AM.jpg

20130617-072905 AM.jpg

And then my most favourite is this one as I find it very apt for all us potterheads:

20130617-073008 AM.jpg

I am so in love with these books and I read them at least 5/6 times a year, they never get boring. I’m a potterhead and PROUD 🙂 haha

I’m going to stop because I could go on and on and on.

Please keep watching out through the week as I have some really good pieces from other bloggers and their favourites 🙂


One thought on “My Favourite Book

  1. What a great idea for a feature!

    I couldn’t agree with you more about the Harry Potter books I absolutely adore them, they are my go to books if I’m having a reading slump (even if its only a chapter!) and I am desperate to do another read through soon, once I’ve finished my reading for the blog.

    Looking forward to reading the other posts this week.

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