2013 Book Reviews

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

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‘Don Tillman is getting married. He jut doesn’t know who to yet…

The Wife Project will solve that problem. He has designed a sixteen-page questionnaire to help him find the perfect partner. She will most definitely not be a barmaid, a smoker, a drinker or a late-arriver.

Rosie Jarman is all of these things. She is first and intelligent and beautiful. And she is in a quest of her own, to find her biological father – a search that Don, a genetics professor, might just be able to help her with.

The Wife Project teacher Don some unexpected things. Like why earlobe length is an inadequate predictor of sexual attraction. Why ice-cream tastes different in New York. Why he’s never been on a second date. And why, despite the best scientific efforts, you don’t find love, love finds you…’

Don is a genetics professor at a university in Australia, he leads a very strict and structured lifestyle. He never deviates from his routine, making sure that his time is used intensely efficient.
His best friends are Gene (who is trying to sleep with a woman of every nationality) and his wife Claudia, both Psychologists.

Don has decided it’s time to settle down and find a life partner. In order to find the most suitable wife he has made up an extensive list of questions.

Rosie is the complete opposite of what Don is looking for, she smokes, stays up late, drinks and isn’t on time.
But when Rosie explains she wants to find her real dad, Don devises a plan to help her.

I was given this book by a friend and after hearing so much positive feedback I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

It’s clear from early on that Don Suffers from Aspergers, and instead of laughing at Don and the mishaps that shape his life, you laugh along with him. Which for me is a big difference.

The story is told is Don’s voice which makes it incredibly enjoyable and hard to put down. Had it been from another point of view I don’t think it would have been as effective.
The character of Don is extremely endearing and loveable, which makes this story so easy to fall in love with.

Rosie was a brilliant leading lady in this book, she was the polar opposite of Don, but managed to show him how to have such fun and loosen up a little.
Her feelings for Don were believable and genuine, you didn’t doubt that.

The book was originally written as a screenplay and would make a brilliant Romantic Comedy.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would say this is the book EVERYONE should read. It’s charming, endearing, funny and will leave you stuck to the pages.
I cannot praise this enough it’s not often you get a debut novel of this standard!

Here is the link for your own copy;


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