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The Unquiet Grave by Steven Dunne

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‘The past can’t stay hidden forever…..

The Cold Case Unit of Derby Constabulary feels like a morgue to DI Damen Brook. But in disgrace and recently back from suspension, his boss thinks its the safest place for him.

But Brook isn’t going down without a Fight and when he uncovers a pattern in a series of murders that date back to 1963, he is forced to dig deeper. How could a killer stay undetected for so long? Could it be luck or a are more sinister forces at work?

Applying his instincts and razor sharp intelligence, Brook delves deep into the past of both suspects and colleagues unsure where the hunt will lead him. What he does know for sure is that a significant date is approaching fast and the killer may be about to strike again…..’

I got this book from Sam Eades at Headline so thank you very much to Sam.

Where to start, firstly I’m a huge crime fan. I love reading a crime book that causes your heart to race a little and makes you sleep a little less soundly.
This book certainly did this for me.

We first start the story with some background on the crimes committed in 1963 and 1973, we are then brought into 2011 to learn about the murder of Joshua Stapleton. The murderer is a junkie living in the building where Joshua was thrown off the roof. With evidence found its pretty clear cut.
Joshua’s best friend Scott Wheeler left Josh alone that night and subsequently lived whilst his best friend was murdered.

Now in 2012, Scott is receiving messages from his dead best friend and suddenly goes missing, feared dead.

DI Brooks, recently back from suspension, is made to work through cold cases (unsolved crimes). He starts dig through cases from long ago re-interviewing old witnesses and he starts to see a pattern and suspects not only a cover up but believes a serial killer may still be at large and if he is, is he about to strike again? Will he stop him in time?

I really enjoyed this book, from the first few pages it had me drawn in. It’s dark, gritty, chilling and the crimes committed are some of the darkest you can imagine.

What I like most was the twist and turns throughout the book, some I was left reeling with shock. They quite literally caught you off guard, signs of a writer who knows exactly what he is doing.

This is an author I will certainly be looking out for in the future.

The Unquiet Grave is due for release on the 4th July, here is the link to pre-order it;

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to be kept up all night and chilled to the bone.


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