2013 Book Reviews

Love From Both Sides by Nick Spalding

20130602-091400 AM.jpg

“For Jamie Newman, being a single guy isn’t proving to be fun, especially when confronted with a sexually belligerent divorcee and a goddess so far out of his league she might as well be a different species.

Mind you, being a girl in search of love is g a bowl of cherries either. Just ask Laura McIntyre, who’s recently contended with a horny estate agent on a quest for light relief and a rabid mountain bike enthusiast with a penchant for Lycra that leaves little to the imagination.

When Jamie and Laura Bump into one other (quite literally) it looks like their luck may have changed – but sometimes finding the right person is only the start of your problems.”

So where to begin. The reason I bought this was because I was asked to review Love and Sleepless Nights which is the sequel to this book, and I wanted to read this first before doing so.
I am SO pleased I did, without a doubt the funniest book I have EVER read. I have laughed so much that I’ve cried and couldn’t breathe!

So this story is all about Laura, who is writing a diary, and Jamie, who is writing a Blog. Both having an absolute awful time dating and ending up going on some real shocking/hilarious dates.

After bumping into each other and swapping numbers they go on a few dates, which honestly made my sides hurt with laughter.
After incredibly embarrassing and cringe-worthy events will they be able to get past all that and find love?

The story is told from both Jamie and Laura’s perspective and brilliantly so. Jamie isn’t your typical story book hero, which was a nice change to the books i’m used to reading. His a typical man and embarrassingly candid. He is completely loveable and a big softie.
Laura is also brilliantly honest in her diary and you can’t help but feel sorry for her string of absolute horrific dates.

This is so well written and incredibly funny. I think it could easily be my book of the month and it’s only the June 2nd.
I urge everyone to read this because beneath all the humour and horror stories (also known as dates) there is warmth and a very charming love story.

I cannot wait to move onto the next book Love and Sleepless Nights.

Here is the link for the book:


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