2013 Book Reviews

Learn Love In A Week by Andrew Clover

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“After ten years of Marriage, Polly and Arthur are at crisis point.

‘Arthur is the Ikea wardrobe of husbands. He looks good in the pictures, but if you ask him to hold anything, his back pops out.’

‘I have the libido of the Giant Panda. I know what sex leads to. It leads to a small person who likes to post goats in the DVD player.’

Can they learn love to love again?
And if they can, will they still choose each other?

I was asked to review this by Sharon for her blog; http://shazsbookboudoir.blogspot.co.uk/

This story was told from the three main characters Polly, her husband Arthur and Em, her best friend.
The whole story is based over one week. Having been married for ten years Polly and Arthur’s marriage has hit breaking point.
Polly feels she is supporting the family and earning all the money and Arthur is not doing enough, while wasting time writing a novel.
Arthur feels unsupported and unloved by Polly, he is a stay at home dad juggling child-care with housework and writing.
Polly bumps into James Hammond, the one who got away. His now rich successful and has offered Polly a job. But he is totally after her.

This story has, without a doubt some of the funniest writing I’ve ever read. To the point my cheeks were hurting by the end of the book.
I really felt sorry for poor Arthur he really seemed to get a lot of stick from Polly, she seems to dislike everything about him, even that he supports Arsenal (well I’m totally on Arthur’s side after hearing that! The cheek). I found I was frustrated with Polly because she seemed to want too much from Arthur. But I also saw her frustrations that he wasn’t earning any money for the family.
Em came across as jealous of Polly because of what she had. Even though she had the more successful career and pay check. Em wants to get married and be loved so proposes to her rather stupid and horrible boyfriend, but he refuses to give her an answer.

I really really enjoyed the book, and I would highly recommended it to anyone. It’s witty, on point, clever and utterly hilarious. It’s also genuinely heart warming and full of love.

My only problem with the book was when anyone spoke it was described with “I said” “he says” “I say” etc i found it rather repetitive. But don’t let this put you off as its a really minor detail.

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Here is the link for the book;


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