Just for fun!

Bank Holiday Reading

Hey guys!

Yet another bank holiday is here so I thought I could suggest some reading for you.
I’m currently finishing up Runners by Sharon Sant, out June 8th, I have to say I’m utterly hooked. Review will go up hopefully tomorrow morning.

20130525-084650 AM.jpg

Then I’m hoping to start on The Bow Wow Club by Nicola May, which was released May 10th.

20130525-085101 AM.jpg

Books I have read recently and fully recommend for your weekend reading are;

20130525-085340 AM.jpg

Jack Croxall, Tethers. I really enjoyed this action packed adventure. Here is my review;

And then I would whole Heartedly recommend The Sky Song Trilogy by Sharon Sant

20130525-085459 AM.jpg

Review is here;
The Young Moon, book 2

20130525-085553 AM.jpg

My review;

Then Not Of Our Song, book 3

20130525-085652 AM.jpg

My review is here;

I hope you enjoy your weekend, whatever you choose to do. Mine involves family, food, fun and lots of cuddles with my babies.

Victoria xxxx

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