Favourite Books

The book that got me into reading.

Hey guys,
Whilst grabbing a few quiet moments earlier, I got thinking about the book that got me hooked on reading. I had always read before, but only here and there, not compulsively so as I do now, it was this particular book that gave me the bug.

It was Bad Love by Jonathan Kellerman.

20130508-054043 PM.jpg

I remember at about 13, in an English lesson being taken into the school library for a lesson. During the lesson this cover caught me eye. At the end of the lesson I grabbed it and read the blurb to which I decided I really liked the sound of this. I started reading it straightaway. That was it I was hooked, so much so that when the teacher in the next lesson was doing the registrar I didn’t even hear him, I was completely in my own little world.

So this was what started my love of reading and all books crime.

Here’s the blurb from the back of book;

“It came in a plain brown wrapper, no return address – a tape recording of a horrifying, soul-lacerating scream, followed by the sound if a childlike voice delivering the enigmatic and haunting message:

Bad Love. Bad Love. Don’t give me the Bad Love.

For child psychologist Dr Alex Delaware, the chant, repeated over and over like a twisted nursery rhyme, is the first intimation that he is about to enter a living nightmare. Others soon follow: disquieting laughter echoing over a phone line that suddenly goes dead; a chilling trespass outside his home; a sickening act of vandalism. A carefully orchestrated campaign as harassment turns to terror, mischief to madness.

Searching his memory for the phrase ‘Bad Love’, Alex recalls a symposium he attended over a decade ago commemorating the work of Dr Andrea de Bosch who ran a clinic for trouble adolescents. But when he tries to contact the other delegates, Alex soon discovers a seemingly random series if violent deaths among them.”

This is link to grab a copy if it sounds like you’re cup of tea;


So now I want you to tell me what was the book that got you hooked?
Or was it someone that got you into reading? Either way let me know! 🙂


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